Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Me--Belle!

Hi, it's me- Belle! Some of my doggy friends are taking over their mama's computer and I thought I would do the same! I am going to list 6 random things about me! Enjoy!

1. I am only 3 months old. Yeah, I am still a puppy, a cute puppy at that!

2. I LOVE being around "mama and daddy". I don't know why they call themselves "Russell and Meredith."???? Oh well! Mama and Daddy spoil me rotten and I have only lived at their new house a little over a month!

3. I absolutely love Christmas! See my big red bow? I didn't know you were 'sposed to get presents for Christmas! I got a squeak toy, a Christmas chew toy, doggie ornament and treats!

4. I really enjoy being around my "cousins" Logan and Lauren. They are both so sweet to me. Sometimes Lauren won't stop carrying me. I really like that! :) My family calls Lauren the "dog whisperer" because she is so good with dogs! Logan and Lauren would play with me all day if they could! I also love being around the rest of the family. I love people and other dogs too! I have already met Cocoa, Sally, Rolly, Rowdy, R.J. and Tex!

5. I could sleep on mama and daddy's bed ALL DAY if they let me! They have a king size bed and I feel like a princess whenever I am on it. Mama and Daddy want me to sleep in my doggie bed on the floor. Today, I even called Daddy on my cell phone!

6. Sometimes, I even wear pink pearls. I love the color pink! I have pink dog bowls, pink dog brush, pink collar, and these pearls! I am a cute, girly dog!
Well, I will get off the komputr. I culd get nto truble 4 ths! WOOF! Love, Belle D. Price


petrii said...

How cute is this little muffin? And pink pearls for her ~~ pullin' out all the stops for Miss Belle!!

Love you girl!!!

Have a Blessed and Happy New year ~~

Prayin' on,