Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

Wow, what a year! This is my first "yearly recap" and I have a picture from each month on here! January is above! We went to Precious Moments Park. We loved it and plan to go back VERY soon! It is just precious and so beautiful!

February--We had a big snow this month and built a snowman. His name is Reesie! HA! See the Reeses cups?!! Also, I became a Mary Kay consultant this month.

March-We met Rena Tarbet. She is a beautiful person inside and out and just a wonderful lady. She has fought cancer for over 30 years. She is a Mary Kay National Sales Director.

April-Mary Kay Career Conference in Missouri. This is me and Amy Bowman.

May-Lauren's Kindergarten Circus-it was SO cute and she was the best acrobat ever! Also, Haley and Keith got married this month.

June-A Family Vacation I will never forget. It was so fun!

July-My cousin, Jennifer and Matt's wedding. It was a big wedding!

August- my birthday month but we also went to Tulsa to eat at The Melting Pot!

September-Our 1 year wedding anniversary! I love Russell SO MUCH! This is us at my parents house. We saved the top of the cake and it was surprisingly still pretty good!

October-We became home owners and officially moved in our house after much ado!

November-Belle came to live with us! She is JUST ADORABLE!

December-We celebrated the Christmas season in our new house with our new dog.
This year was filled with many ups and downs but all in all, we have a lot of memories with special family and friends. We are ready for the New Year! Happy New Year, ya'll!


petrii said...

I wanted to do a recap like this, but wasn't this organized ~~ boo!! Maybe this year I will be. This was a lot of fun to see.

Love you friend,

Leigh Ann said...

Such great pictures, Meredith. Happy New Year to you and Russell!

Kelly said...

You've had a very big year!!! Happy new year!

Faith said...

What a great year it has been! I love that little Belle...just precious!!