Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with Family

I know this pic is fuzzy but the night before we left for "LA" (NWA folks call it Lower Arkansas!) Anyway, I had to show this because Russell got me a Kitchen Aid mixer and I was just too excited!

We went to Mamaw and Papaw Price's on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed visiting!

Belle just loved Christmas this year too!

Ricky and Jackie love holding Belle!

We went to Mamaw Jordan's for a little while and then Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren met us at Mama and Daddy's.
Opening gifts was fun. Lauren just loves her Fancy Nancy doll. This is what we got her for Christmas. She has so many of her books!

Logan and Lauren got a Wii for Christmas and were VERY HAPPY! They brought the Wii to Camden so we played a lot of games on it! Here is Logan's Wii Music we got him.

The 4 of us! Me, Kelly, Daddy and Mama

I just LOVE my husband, Russell! This is us on Christmas night.

Logan killed his first deer! He was just so excited about that!
See him in his hunting gear?!

Mama playing Guitar Hero-isn't this so cute! HA!

We went back to Jackie and Ricky's on Friday and had a Lawson Christmas. Again, we stuffed ourselves silly. I have said many times before...I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it. The real meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth. He is the real reason for this season and blesses us with so much. The second thing I Love most about Christmas is family. I mean it is everything to me and I cherish it so much. I have told Russell, my parents and my sister and her family (and many others!) that family is just extremely special to me. More than I can even explain.
Well, it's almost 2009 ya'll! Another year has gone by!


petrii said...

Oh what cute pics!! You and Russell are so cute together and that dog ~~ get out of town cute!!!

I especially loved the pic with your parents ~~ priceless!!

Have a Blessed New Year's week friend.
Praying on,

Laurie said...

I love your Mom playing Guitar Hero!

Betsy said...

I loved looking at your pictures, Meredith! I never realized your husband was so tall! :)

I know you are going to love your KitchenAide mixer!!

Have a great week!