Monday, February 28, 2011

A Perfect Weekend

 This weekend, we decided to go to Northwest Arkansas for a visit. Angie Smith, an awesome writer and wife of Todd Smith (who sings in the Christian group Selah) came to Bentonville for FBC's Mugs and Muffins. She shared her testimony that touched my heart, and many of us that were there as well.
 She stayed a little while to sign books and I got to meet sweet Angie and her cute daughter, Kate. Angie is SO down to earth and seriously one of the most sweetest and real people you will ever meet. It was a blessing to talk with her!
 One of my special friends, Mandy, had her baby on Valentine's Day! So Russell and I could not wait to visit Mandy, Chad, and sweet baby Eden as well. Mandy is such an awesome mom! It was so sweet watching Mandy take care of Eden.
 Look at that sweet little face!
 Russell and I love babies. I adore all babies and children. What a blessing they are!
 We are so excited for our sweet friends!
Later that night, we visited Amy, Tony, and Leighann. Look at how Leighann has grown! She is one and a half years old! We had an awesome time with special friends this weekend. Perfect weekend! I cannot believe this is the last day of February. This year is flying by already!

The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth. Proverbs 12:22

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Times

 Wednesday, I met Mama at Logan's school for a special "grandparents day" where family and of course grandparents could visit the kid's classroom and visit the book fair too. Mama and I ate lunch with sweet Logan and enjoyed it a lot.
 I stayed a few nights with my sister and family so I was so happy to spend time with Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren! Thursday, I went to school with Kelly. She teaches pre-K and is a great teacher! It was fun spending time with the sweet boys and girls! Friday, Logan and Lauren were out of school so we spent a lot of time together. First we went to ....none other than..Chick-fil-A! We really liked it as always!
 We also went to The Painted Pig! It is a cute place to paint pottery. Here is Lauren being so studious!
 Logan having fun
 Spending time with my nephew and niece is time WELL spent! They are the best!
 Look! Lauren is sewing! Believe it or not, I did teach Lauren how to sew a couple of very small things. We mostly practiced stitching. Lauren could be on Project Runway someday-ha! :)
Later, we went to the movie to see Gnomeo and Juliet! It was too cute! Go see it if you can! We ended the night perfectly with what else? Pizza! It was soo yummy!
 I have always looked up to my sister. Kelly, thanks for having me over! I love you! My sister is better than a best friend. She's my sister!
Lauren and me before I left.
Fun fun!
Hope y'all have a great rest of the weekend!

How kind the Lord is! How good he is. So merciful, this God of ours! Psalm 116:5

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sew Fun!

 Remember a few days ago when I had a hard time with my sewing machine??? Well, I finally figured it all out! When you sew, there are a lot of "bells and whistles" you need to make SURE you have perfect before stitching. Now I know the step by step and DETAILED things to do!
See my stitches? I have been stitching up a storm! I know they are not straight. I am working on that. Sunday afternoon I went to a friend, Debbie's, house and she showed me the exact instructions looking at my machine. She said one of my first projects could be an apron or something like that. All I need to do now is get all my supplies like straight pins, more fabric, thread, and more! I am so excited and looking forward to learning more! Hope y'all are having an awesome week!!! I will be at my awesome sister's house tomorrow and staying for a few days. I am soo excited for sister time! 

She does him good and no harm all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sweet Valentine's Day

 XOXO! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
 I delivered a Valentine cupcake and a red rose to Mama today for Vday.
 Then I gave Russell Valentine cupcakes from our favorite place!
 It's been a busy day today!
Here's our funny Valentine, Belle! She sends kisses and hugs to all her friends!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love You, Daddy!

Oh, how I LOVE this picture of Daddy and me. I consider Daddy to be my first Valentine. I miss him so much and will always consider him to be my very first Valentine. I remember when he and I would dance together when I was little. I looked up to him SO much. I remember when I said to him, "Daddy, you should get Mama flowers for Valentine's Day." The flowers in the picture are what he chose for Mama! Most of the time he loved giving Mama a box of chocolates and a very sweet card. He was an example of who I should want in a husband, Russell. Daddy showed me and my sister, Kelly how a husband should be. I am so grateful for that. I LOVE YOU, DADDY! Love, Meredith (Skeeter)

May your unfailing love rest upon us O Lord. Psalm 33:22

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beauty Tips

I hardly ever participate in "Show us your life" Fridays, but thought I would this Friday! I am a former Mary Kay consultant. I still use the products and still love them.
First of all, my very favorite product right now is the Mary Kay Lipstick in "Pink Shimmer." It is my favorite because it goes with everything. I usually use the lip liner, "neutral" or "dusty pink" then apply the lipstick. Love it! Looking for a lip gloss that has great color plus lasts a long time? Try Mary Kay's Nourishine Lip Gloss! I use "Fancy Nancy" color most of the time. Makes me think of my Aunt Nancy! Hey Aunt Nancy! HA! You wouldn't think the lip gloss lasts a while, but y'all it does! Trust me!

Looking for a awesome skin care that takes care of all your skin care needs? My favorite is Mary Kay Miracle Set.

And for on the spot acne, I sometimes need the acne treatment gel. It works!

And last but not least, if your hands or feet need some moisture from this bitter cold weather, give them TLC with Satin Hands!

Also, I love Satin Lips too for chapped and dry lips.
I hope y'all enjoyed my quick post of beauty tips! Have an awesome Friday and great weekend!
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather it should be that of your inner self, which is of great worth in God's sight. 1 Peter 3:3-4

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adventures in Sewing

"SALE ON ALL SEWING MACHINES", said the ad we saw in the paper about 2 years ago. Yes, it's been that long since I have had this sewing machine. Russell and I woke up early just so we could get in line and guarantee us a sewing machine. I was so very excited to purchase my first one. It even came with an instructional DVD! I wanted to start out sewing very basic things for friends, and once we had children, I thought I could sew them things as well. That night, I popped in the DVD, got out my trusty Singer Prelude, and went to town! Well, not exactly. After I made one stitch something went wrong. I think the bobbin got caught with the thread or something. Oh well! I didn't touch my sewing machine again until tonight. I had problems. First of all, I lost my DVD. Second of all, even the videos on youtube wouldn't help!
Exhibit A: I thought I finally had it all ready to go. All I wanted to do was make sure I could handle stitching.
Exhibit B:
It got caught. Again. I say again, I would LOVE to learn how to sew. I don't know if it is just me, or the machine! HA! I know--It's probably totally my fault that this is so messed up! So I am asking the few of you who read my blog, if you know of any advice about sewing, TELL ME PLEASE! I would love to know! I'm desperate for anything! HA! I do believe this Bible verse below!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Fun!

As I enjoy our homemade snow ice cream, I am enjoying blogging about our snow day. BRR! After Russell got home from work, we enjoyed the weather outside. We took this picture while it was snowing! I love watching it snow outside.
Trying to stay warm!
Russell made a small snowman. We named him Candy. See his smile made out of dumdums and buttons and eyes made out of kisses? Cute!
I made a meal perfect for a cold Winter's night-Pioneer Woman's comfort meatballs with creamy mashed potatoes! YUM! Most of Arkansas is covered with snow, which is a rare thing! We will continue to stay warm on this February night! Hope y'all stay warm too!

He says to the snow,"Fall on the earth." Job 37:6

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love is in the Air!

Love is in the Air, friends! Russell and I were desperately in need of a fun day out so we went to Bossier City. The first thing on the list was to get this: Yep, it's The Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story! I already read a chapter of this awesome book. I would love to meet Ree Drummond!
I also fell head over "heels" with this adorable "Soft Blanket" Yankee candle and this darling bear to go with it! It even smells like the soft blanket candle!

Russell and I went to Hallmark and picked up Valentine's for family and friends also. I absolutely adore Valentine's!

We wanted to see a movie, so we went to see "True Grit". It was really good and talked about Arkansas quite a bit. We enjoyed it!
After the movie, we ended the night at:
Posado's! It is the best place to get Mexican food around here. It's soo good!
Love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Lost Valentine

How is everyone's weekend so far? Fridays are always my favorite! Last Sunday night, a wonderful movie premiered on TV called, "The Lost Valentine". I absolutely adored it and fell in love with the movie! It's a good thing I recorded it because I am watching it again with Russell tonight! It is definitely a tear jerker-but great for Valentine's!

Tonight, I made Pork Chop Casserole. I thought I would share the recipe! 5-6 pork chops (I like center cut or loin)
can of cream of mushroom soup
1 cup of milk
1 stick butter, melted
1 cup uncooked white rice
1 jar sliced mushrooms (optional)
Lawry's Seasoned salt
McCormick seasoned pepper

Spray Pam in a 13x9 pan. Pour melted butter in the pan and set aside. Wash the pork chops and dry with paper towel. Dip each pork chop (both sides) in the butter and sit on plate for later. Stir together cream of mushroom soup, rice, milk and mushrooms. Add seasoned salt and seasoned pepper to mixture. Spread evenly in pan. Lay pork chops side by side on top of rice mixture and salt/pepper tops. Bake in 350 degree oven for one hour.
That's it! Use as much seasoned salt and seasoned pepper you would like. I usually use a lot of each.

Have an awesome weekend, y'all! Lots of Love!
Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away...Song of Solomon 8:7