Friday, December 5, 2008

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest! not from Beauty and the Beast....

This Belle, says, "Be Our Guest!" to Haley and Keith! We are all excited that they are coming to see us this weekend. They will be here late tonight.

This picture was taken at their wedding rehearsal dinner. Aren't they cute? While we are waiting for them to get here I am going to make breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning along with "Rudolph Punch!" The casserole is in the Christmas with Paula Deen book so I thought it would be yummy for tomorrow. Keith and Haley plan to go to Branson also. While they are there, I will be at choir practice for our church's program on Sunday morning. We will spend time w/ our friends tomorrow night in Branson.

On another note, I thought I would show ya'll a few of our recent ornaments. This one, above, is from my mama and daddy. You can't tell in the pic what it says but it says, "New Home" and "2008" on it. So cute! Can ya tell that it's a key?!!

Here's another one that Russell and I loved while in Magnolia. Cute!

We just got this one in the mail today! Russell and I will hang this on the tree tonight! Russell's mom and daddy gave us this one! On the top, it says, "God Bless Our Home" and below that it says "The Prices". I hope ya'll stay warm by the fire because it is COLD outside! I will post more about the weekend later!


"Dove" said...

Hi There,

I have a Cavalier too. Her name is Mindy, and we adore her. Aren't they the sweetest dogs?? Mindy is a princess. She is nearly five years old now, but still looks like a puppy. She is a joy! Belle is adorable! :) You chose a great breed!

petrii said...

Branson is so fun this time of year. We live about 45 mins from there. I love all the lights and festivities ~~ hope you have fun, fun, fun!!!

Your ornaments are adorable. It will be so fun for you to pull them out each year and remember the first year in your new home.

Have a fun and Blessed weekend, Dawn

Christina said...

My family just bought a Cavalier and we can get her on Christmas Eve! I can't wait! I just wondered how your potty training was coming along....I only have experience with Shih Tzu's so I'm hoping this little Cavalier will be easier!