Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Me--Belle!

Hi, it's me- Belle! Some of my doggy friends are taking over their mama's computer and I thought I would do the same! I am going to list 6 random things about me! Enjoy!

1. I am only 3 months old. Yeah, I am still a puppy, a cute puppy at that!

2. I LOVE being around "mama and daddy". I don't know why they call themselves "Russell and Meredith."???? Oh well! Mama and Daddy spoil me rotten and I have only lived at their new house a little over a month!

3. I absolutely love Christmas! See my big red bow? I didn't know you were 'sposed to get presents for Christmas! I got a squeak toy, a Christmas chew toy, doggie ornament and treats!

4. I really enjoy being around my "cousins" Logan and Lauren. They are both so sweet to me. Sometimes Lauren won't stop carrying me. I really like that! :) My family calls Lauren the "dog whisperer" because she is so good with dogs! Logan and Lauren would play with me all day if they could! I also love being around the rest of the family. I love people and other dogs too! I have already met Cocoa, Sally, Rolly, Rowdy, R.J. and Tex!

5. I could sleep on mama and daddy's bed ALL DAY if they let me! They have a king size bed and I feel like a princess whenever I am on it. Mama and Daddy want me to sleep in my doggie bed on the floor. Today, I even called Daddy on my cell phone!

6. Sometimes, I even wear pink pearls. I love the color pink! I have pink dog bowls, pink dog brush, pink collar, and these pearls! I am a cute, girly dog!
Well, I will get off the komputr. I culd get nto truble 4 ths! WOOF! Love, Belle D. Price

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with Family

I know this pic is fuzzy but the night before we left for "LA" (NWA folks call it Lower Arkansas!) Anyway, I had to show this because Russell got me a Kitchen Aid mixer and I was just too excited!

We went to Mamaw and Papaw Price's on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed visiting!

Belle just loved Christmas this year too!

Ricky and Jackie love holding Belle!

We went to Mamaw Jordan's for a little while and then Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren met us at Mama and Daddy's.
Opening gifts was fun. Lauren just loves her Fancy Nancy doll. This is what we got her for Christmas. She has so many of her books!

Logan and Lauren got a Wii for Christmas and were VERY HAPPY! They brought the Wii to Camden so we played a lot of games on it! Here is Logan's Wii Music we got him.

The 4 of us! Me, Kelly, Daddy and Mama

I just LOVE my husband, Russell! This is us on Christmas night.

Logan killed his first deer! He was just so excited about that!
See him in his hunting gear?!

Mama playing Guitar Hero-isn't this so cute! HA!

We went back to Jackie and Ricky's on Friday and had a Lawson Christmas. Again, we stuffed ourselves silly. I have said many times before...I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it. The real meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth. He is the real reason for this season and blesses us with so much. The second thing I Love most about Christmas is family. I mean it is everything to me and I cherish it so much. I have told Russell, my parents and my sister and her family (and many others!) that family is just extremely special to me. More than I can even explain.
Well, it's almost 2009 ya'll! Another year has gone by!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Our choir had our Christmas party tonight. We had lots of fun. We ate yummy food (of course-ha!) and even played crazy games. We got to visit a lot also.

After the party, some of us from choir went to the nursing home next door. Christy, me and other Mary Kay consultants donated these:

Mary Kay satin hands hand cream. These are great for anyone and don't have a scent so that is why we gave them out to the sweet people there. We also sang 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' to them. They just loved it! It feels really good to give back to other people.

My parents are coming tomorrow with my nephew and niece. I am very excited! They haven't seen our house since we lived in it! I am making breakfast casserole and Rudolph Punch for them, and attempt to make beef wellington and scalloped potatoes. And who did I get these recipes from? Paula of course! Her magazine is on my Christmas list! Oh and Russell and I told Logan and Lauren that we would take them to Chuck E Cheese! I know they are just elated!
Edit: The only recipe that is not from Paula Deen is Rudolph punch. The rest is all from her!

Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Christmas Tour of Homes

OO I am So happy ya'll came by! I cannot wait to show ya'll our decorations! This is our home we bought in October.

Come on in and see how much we love Christmas!

This is our buffet with Spode Christmas Tree.

Oh and i wish yall could smell this potpourri! It's Christmas Cookie scented! I put this on our dining table.

This is our kitchen with a Spode Christmas Tree cookie jar, gingerbread house that Russell and I made and a plate that says, "Merry Christmas from The Price's!"

Here is a closeup of the cookie jar and gingerbread house.

Here is a close up of the curio cabinet. It has many special Christmas things in it.

Here is a Nativity musical snow globe. There's also a picture album my husband gave me last year of "Our First Christmas". Last Christmas was our first Christmas as a married couple!

Here are a few ornaments I wanted to show you. The bear at the top was my very first ornament my daddy gave me. The white one has Mickey and Minnie and they are on the Christmas ball that say's "Just Married".We just got the red one with "P" on it this year. We love it.

Here is our Christmas tree! I am so traditional when it comes to decorating. I like the old fashioned colored lights but next year, we'll probably get white lights!

Here is the side table.

This is a counter across from the kitchen.

It has Christmas cookbooks, a village house, digital picture frame, and a musical Christmas box Russell gave me last year.

Our coffee table

I wish ya'll could smell the eggnog candle! It really does smell so good! This is also a Spode Christmas Tree snowglobe that plays O Christmas Tree.

Here is our mantle with our stockings.

This is so special to me. Years ago, my great uncle cut the Santa face out and made a music box in it. You just turn the nose and it plays White Christmas. My great aunt painted it! They did a good job.

Thank ya'll for coming! Merry Christmas! Love, Meredith, Russell, and Belle

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Candlelit Christmas Evening

Tonight was our church's Candlelight Lord's Supper Service. The choir sang many songs and carols. Can you find in me in the picture above? I bet you can't! HA! We sang O Come All Ye Faithful, O Come O Come Emmanuel, O Holy Night (one of my very favorites) and Mary Did You Know (another favorite!). I am a 1st soprano and have always been. I am still getting over a cough and I was trying so hard not to cough in the choir loft! Also, when your getting over being sick...it's hard to sing high notes, but I hit them! So that was good.

Okay, I bet ya'll can see me here! Ya'll know I am short! HA!

This is us holding our candles and getting ready to walk out.

Mandy and Chad love their shirts they got at our Sunday School Christmas party! I wish i would have taken more pics! But last night, we went to Mad Pizza with them and then we went to see the movie, Four Christmases. It was soooo funny! It's not my absolute favorite, but we did like it. We enjoyed spending time with our friends!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Tree Spode. It is just sooo pretty and festive. Belk had a huge sale on this china and gifts for it yesterday! We got this pretty cookie jar. I know the picture is small.

We also got this pretty snowglobe! It plays O Christmas Tree.

We also got this night light. It's just cute. Well, Christmas is quickly approaching! Wow! Have a wonderful week, ya'll!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Double Date!

Last night, we had the best night with our special friends, Paige and Eric. They are so sweet and we love to get together with them. We went to the Venesian Inn and ya'll-they serve the BEST spaghetti . It is homemade and they serve a certain salad and rolls with your meal! SO good! This is a picture of me, Russell and little Belle by our tree. It is so special because this is our first Christmas in our new house!

Here are Paige and Eric sitting by the fire. We had hot cider and also watched a Christmas movie-Santa Clause 3. We really had a good time!

And I had to show ya'll a picture of Belle with the piano playin' snowman! We are going out with our friends, Mandy and Chad tonight but this afternoon I think we will finish our Christmas shopping! Oh and come see my blog on the 15th! I'll be participating in BooMama's Christmas tour! :)