Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 Things and Pontiacs

Jennifer tagged me a while back! I tag anyone who wants to do this!

8 Things I'm Looking forward to:
going to my sister's house to visit next week
Mary Kay Seminar 2009
seeing friends tomorrow
going on a vacation sometime this year (but don't know when!)
my Pampered Chef party that benefits the American Cancer Society
Army Wives season 3 in June
Amy's baby shower
Branson next week

8 Things I did yesterday:
Watched a movie with Russell
went to MK meeting
met a MK Director who has a pink Cadillac SRX
had quiet time with Paige
worked my MK business
played with Belle
slept later than I should

8 Things I wish I could do:
talk with my Daddy right now and hug him....that list goes on and on...
lose weight really quickly!
sing in the Women of Faith Praise team
be more organized
go on a big shopping spree
bake cookies, cakes, etc. better
sing a solo without getting nervous
be in 2 places at once sometimes

8 Shows I watch:
Army Wives
The Biggest Loser
Grey's Anatomy
The Rachael Ray Show
Cooking with Paula Deen
Good Morning America
Full House (yes, I still love it!) HA!
whatever's on Food Network sometimes

Okay, did ya'll hear that GMC is not making Pontiacs anymore???? I absolutely am soo upset! My Daddy owned a Pontiac Car dealership years ago and I have always love Pontiacs! I was raised with Pontiacs and Fords! HA! That is why this big change hits home for me. I just cannot believe it! My uncles own a car dealership with Pontiacs being the main one! I drive a Pontiac too. Well that is my soapbox for now!

Well, I hope ya'll have a great week!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe my niece, Lauren turns SEVEN today! This is a picture of her with me the day she was born. I think this was the first time I held her. Oh I remember I was so sunburned that day! HA!

I remember what a great day that was!

This is Lauren on the day of my wedding. Isn't she a precious flower girl?

And this is a recent one! Logan, Lauren and I have many memories! They know that their Aunt Meredith and Uncle Russell love them so much!

Lauren, I will see you later today! You are growing up so fast!
Happy Birthday Lauren Fielding! I Love YOU!
Love, Aunt Meredith

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taste and See

This morning we went to church and Sunday School! We had missed about 3 weeks of it because we were either out of town or we were sick! The service this morning was so awesome! God is so good! After church we went to lunch with our sweet friends, Mandy and Chad at Mad Pizza! Russell and I love this place. It is just so good! It is buffet, but there are waiters that walk around with all kinds of pizza and you choose what you want! We had fun!

Recently, our choir at church put out a cd called "Taste and See". Russell and I picked one up today and I was especially excited because I knew how hard everyone had worked on this cd. As I listened to the songs, I had tears in my eyes because I remember the nights we recorded the music. It was such a worshipful time and just wonderful to be in the choir room singing our hearts out to the Lord, not only that night, but whenever we want to sing! I have to say, thanks to Bro. Ken, for being an awesome music minister! Also, there are so many other people behind the scenes of the cd and the music ministry that deserve a thanks too. You know who you are!

Well, I am ready to have a great week and I hope ya'll will too!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter, Ya'll! He is Risen!

I always love the way my sister, Kelly decorates the table! Isn't it pretty?

We went to Little Rock this morning for Easter Sunday and spent time with our precious family! Don't Logan and Lauren look so cute and sweet?!! They are just precious children!

Here are Russell and I this afternoon enjoying Easter.

Logan and Mama

Me and my wonderful sister, Kelly

It really was rainy pretty much all day today but it is always worth it when we get to see family. Hope ya'll had a blessed and wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter plans and Mary Kay blog

We are going to Little Rock on Sunday for Easter. I looked for some cute pictures from Easters in the past, but alas, none were found in our house! I will have to add pictures later!
Anyway, Rhonda Shasteen, Campaign Marketing Officer from Mary Kay Corporate, just started a Mary Kay blog. It really tells more about the heart of MK and not just about makeup. It is new so there are only a couple of blog posts. Rhonda is so down to earth and so sweet. Here is the link: http://reflections.marykay.com. So visit it if you want to!

Last night, MK was also featured on ABC Nightline. Here is the clip from last night.

I plan on updating after Easter, so hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick Family Visit

This weekend was really fun. Friday night, we went to see Mall Cop with our sweet friends, Leah and Wes. Yesterday, my Mama, Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren came to NWA! We met them in Fayetteville because my sweet cousin, Emily was in:Have ya'll seen this fun play? Emily played "Deborah Sue" and did an awesome job!

I got this off of Emily's facebook! HA! Anyway, She is the one in the pink blouse on the front row! It really was fun!

Here are Mama, Logan and Lauren waiting for the play to start.

And today, Eric and Kelly finally got to see our house! I am so glad they came!

Lauren had so much fun in my office. She is my "little assistant!" HA!

L & L of course had fun with Belle! See how much Belle has grown? Not to mention Logan and Lauren of course!

Lauren is helping a wonderful cause by growing her hair out for Locks of Love! She has a while to go but I just found out she was doing this so I had to get a "before" picture! She won't get her hair cut for a long time!
Hope all of you have a wonderful week! I hope that this week is a beautiful Spring week instead of a cold week! We will see!