Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Double Date!

Last night, we had the best night with our special friends, Paige and Eric. They are so sweet and we love to get together with them. We went to the Venesian Inn and ya'll-they serve the BEST spaghetti . It is homemade and they serve a certain salad and rolls with your meal! SO good! This is a picture of me, Russell and little Belle by our tree. It is so special because this is our first Christmas in our new house!

Here are Paige and Eric sitting by the fire. We had hot cider and also watched a Christmas movie-Santa Clause 3. We really had a good time!

And I had to show ya'll a picture of Belle with the piano playin' snowman! We are going out with our friends, Mandy and Chad tonight but this afternoon I think we will finish our Christmas shopping! Oh and come see my blog on the 15th! I'll be participating in BooMama's Christmas tour! :)


Guy & Julie said...

Don't you just love Christmas-y dates--they are the best kind! I have always wanted to eat at the Venetian Inn--we've lived here for 5 years and never been!!

petrii said...

Oh how I love CHRISTmas in a new house. It's so fun to decorate on a new palaette. And it looks great. The color of your living room is very close to ours, I love it. I love the pic on your sidebar in the restauant. Is that one new?

Have a Blessed Lord's day,

PS YAY for BooMaMa's Tour!!