Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trail of Lights, Hanging of the Green and Youth Christmas Program

Here are a couple of pictures of the Christmas light display from the Trail of Lights in Branson! We really loved seeing all the pretty lights. The one below is a display talking about the song Silent Night. I love that song so much!

We had a really good time looking at these lights.

We had a good time with our friends.
This morning was our church's "hanging of the green" service. It was just so special. We sang a lot of Christmas songs and really reflected about our Savior's birth. We learned that each Christmas decoration had a special meaning to it. We learned about the tree and lights, poinsettia, garland, white tablecloth and the nativity. I will try to post details about the meaning of each later! Our choir sang a special suite this morning also. The children's choir and youth sang also.

Tonight, we went to the youth choir's program. It was just a blessing. Here is a picture of the Christmas tree in the foyer of our church. It's pretty! Anyway, Russell and I enjoyed it SO very much. The youth have such a wonderful heart for the Lord and that is SO good to see!

Here they are singing "Jesus, What a Wonderful Child".

This is Hannah. She is just one of the sweetest girls ever! She is our worship pastor's daughter. I just had to get a picture with her after the program.

This is our house all decked out for Christmas! Russell worked SO hard on our house. I am a very traditional decorator but especially at Christmastime. I still love the green and red. I love all the wreaths on the windows and candles in the windows. I just love it. Just remember this wonderful season and after Christmas is over, to remember the reason of the season, and that is Jesus' birth.


petrii said...

These pics are so great!! You and your hubs look so cute. And girl that CHRISTmas tree in your church is beautiful!!! And your house ~~ your hubs did a GREAT job!!!!!

Have a Blessed and wonderful week,

Kelly said...

It's fun to have a house to decorate for CHristmas!
Glad ya'll had a fun weekend with friends!