Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Christmas Munchies

Don't we all crave those standby munchies for Christmas? I just had to share some of my favorite Christmas foods with ya'll. Most of them are just little munchies. I Love making white chocolate covered pretzels. They are so easy to make and sooo tasty!
Sausage balls? Yes, please! These call for THREE ingredients and soo good!

My favorite is my Daddy's fudge recipe. He always made the best fudge. OOoooo my word! I could go on and on about it!

Lil' Smokies are soo savory and are perfect for any Christmas party!

My sister, Kelly lives in her kitchen around Christmastime. Kelly, I am SO looking forward to your famous Christmas cookies, Chocolate Gingerbread cookies and even more surprises! :)

Peppermint bark is also really easy! Just crunch up peppermint, combine with melted white chocolate, spread on waxed paper, and cool!
Lastly, I have made this our "Price Family Tradition". Every Christmas Eve, I make Breakfast Casserole to eat for Christmas morning. I always use Paula Deen's recipe. It is so good and perfect for Christmas morning! What are your favorite Christmas foods?
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