Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Flicks

So, it's Christmas Eve Eve, y'all! I just cannot believe Christmas has come this quickly. I just wanted to share my favorite Christmas movies with y'all. First and foremost, my favorite Christmas movie of all time is Christmas Vacation. It is just hilarious!
Home Alone is another fav of mine. I know this is such a random thought, but I always hate it every time I watch this movie, that Kevin never even got to touch his macaroni and cheese before Harry and Marv came! HA!

Christmas With The Kranks is also a great flick for the holidays. I crack up laughing every time during the "hickory honey ham" scene! ;)

And of course, The Nativity Story is absolutely fantastic. Russell and I both cry every single time we watch it because it truly reminds us of the real reason for this season!!!

Aww, and what a sweet movie-Prancer. I love the little girl in this movie. It makes me smile to watch this.

And lastly, I also love The Santa Clause 1-3! It's another one of my yearly Christmas favorites!

Here's another random note for y'all. I have to confess-these Reese's Christmas Trees are my absolute obsession lately.....yes, I said it. Whew! That's better! HA!

And when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great JOY. Matthew 2:10


Becky said...

My oldest grand-daughter and I always watch 'Miracle at Moreaux'. We have been doing this since she was probably 3-4 and she is now 7. It is the story of 3 Jewish children attempting to escape German occupied France into Spain. They find themselves at a convent when their runner gets shot. The children at the convent are at first very leary of them but then they come to realize that they are simply children in a very bad situation and they come up with a plan to help them escape since the Germans suspect that they are being hidden there. At the end the soldiers are reminded that the Holy Family was also Jewish. My grand daughter is now able to understand more of the prejudices and misconceptions that we sometimes have and the importance of always being open to help someone in need, even if they are not someone we are normally comfortable with.