Monday, November 10, 2008


Just because I am thinking about how much I love my family today, I decided to put this picture on here. My family means the world to me. Just in case ya'll don't know everyone's names in the picture, in the front is Eric, my brother in law; Logan, my nephew; next row is my sister, Kelly; my niece Lauren; my Daddy, Jerry; and the next row is my wonderful husband, Russell, me, and my mama, Kathy. I don't have a lot to say but I wanted to do a quick post.

It is cold and rainy here! It is a coincidence because the other day, Leigh Ann posted about the recipe, Cheeseburger soup! And I planned to make that tonight! I have had that recipe for a while and everyone loves it! YUMMY! Today is one of those days you just wanna get under a blanket, read and sip on hot cider! Hope ya'll stay warm!


Faith said...

You have a beautiful family. What a blessing!

Hope you enjoyed your cold, rainy soup and cider night!