Monday, November 17, 2008

Jeremy Camp and other things!

So the other day, Russell and I got this Christmas cd! It is soo good! I haven't listened to a lot of it because I am still in "Fall mode!" But what I have heard of it so far is SOOO GOOD! I love Casting Crowns. They are just an awesome Christian group!

So this weekend we went to the Jeremy Camp concert! Here we are listening to the wonderful music!
It was absolutely awesome. There were so many people worshipping and singing their hearts out to songs like "I will walk by faith" and "I still believe." There was a little boy that was on the row in front of us at the concert and he was precious. He was probably 6 years old, he was singing his heart out to EVERY song, and dancing away! He LOVED the whole concert and didn't care about what anybody thought of it either! I thought to myself, we as Christians need to have that mindset all day every day! Be enthusiastic about what blessings God has given you! And worship Him all you can!

We didn't get many pictures but really enjoyed the concert.
So I am totally ready for Thanksgiving! Aren't ya'll?!? I just talked with my sister yesterday and we decided I would make the rolls and dessert. So I am going to probably go with traditional pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake...hmmm...well I am just talking and talking. I better go!


Faith said...

I love Jeremy Camp! That looks like fun!