Friday, October 31, 2008

Busy Fall Day and Halloween

Yesterday Russell and I went to our friends, Paige and Eric's house. We watched an old "scary" movie, carved pumpkins, and had delish taco soup and cornbread that Paige made! She also made yummy apple cider!

Here are Russell and Eric outside!

I love this picture because it's Paige making caramel apples and me drinking cider! FUN!

I didn't get to take a picture of Paige and Eric's pumpkin but here is a pic of ours! Mine is the one that says "Price" (I wish it would have turned out better). Russell carved the "trick or treat" one. He did a great job!

So tonight, we were SO excited because we got to hand out candy and Play doh to kids! This is the basket I used for it. Laurie, Emily and Sarah Cate came to see us too! We went to Abuelo's for dinner and missed Faith and Connor come trick or treat so we stopped by their house afterwards. Jennie and David had caramel apples we ate and we visited with them a little bit. They are so sweet!

Here is our front porch. Russell and I are SOO excited because today we closed on our house! It is officially ours! YAY!

See how excited we are? HA! We had quite the closing story to say the least. But a few blessings came out of the long wait for our closing. Russell and I got to know the sweetest people, Angie and Amanda! They were so awesome and Angie goes to our church too! They both gave us a "moving survival kit"and a photo album that has the pic of the house on the front. I forgot to take a picture of that though. Well, I am going to Camden this weekend and Little Rock during the week. Next week, Russell and I are going to our niece, Lauren's ballet! We're looking forward to that! Happy Fall again!


Megan said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a great time with your friends.

petrii said...

Wow your pumpkins are impressive!!! YAY for closing on your house ~~ you must be sooooooo excited!!

Have a Blessed day,

Leigh Ann said...

Caramel apples are my favorite! Looks like a fun time with friends. Congratulations on your closing. Yay!