Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Day in NWA

Today is a very cold and icy day here in NWA. Here is our street right now! Even though it is icy, it has been a good day! Russell is home and I am in my pj's. We plan on relaxing all day!

Here is our house in this ice!

Wow, what an icicle!

Many icicles on our porch table.
Yes, like I said, it's very cold here today. All the schools are closed and many businesses too. Last night, I made homemade chili and sour cream muffins. It was such a good time to have that meal! Hope ya'll stay warm!


petrii said...

Do ya'll have power? We are in southwest MO and we do have power, but it is snowing now on top of the sleet and ice -- oh boy.

Have a Blessed evening,

Leigh Ann said...

Now that is some ice!!!