Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fab Blog Award

Dawn, who is just soo sweet, gave me this blog award a while back and I am just now getting to award it back to others! This is the "Your Blog is Fabulous award". I love all of the blogs I read. I really do. The rules of accepting the award are that you award it to 5 people and then list 5 addictions you have. So without further ado, I award this to:
Bekah at Bizzy B's-She and her husband live in South AR where Russell and I are from. They are expecting a baby girl, Shelby, in June.
Kelly at Kelly's Korner-I love her blog and her blog was the first one I ever read. As you all know, she and Scott are very excited about Harper and how she is getting better and better every day!
Amy at The Talbert Trio-She is one of my very best friends and has had a blog for a little while. She is also expecting a baby in July! She is Russell's cousin also!
Stephanie at The Gift of Hope-She attends church where my parents attend. I found her blog recently and enjoy it.
Kacy at Murray Madness-Her blog is hilarious! Just makes my day!

So here are my 5 "addictions".

1. Diet Coke! This is my real addiction. I have to have a diet coke at least one to three times a day. I really try to drink water some though!

2. Mary Kay products. I don't think this is a bad addiction. I have been using MK for a year now and I just love it, of course. Every time I use the skincare, I feel like I am at a "mini spa" and pampering myself!

3. Movies. This is my #1 favorite movie of ALL time! It has been since I was 3 years old. I love going to the movies and whenever I love the movie, I HAVE to buy it...well I WANT to buy it. For instance, we have to own "Fireproof" and "Marley and Me" when it comes out! Russell and I both love to just relax and watch movies sometimes.

4. Cookbooks and cooking magazines. This is one of my favorites:Cooking w/ Paula Deen! I have a whole library of cookbooks and they are such good references!

5. My most recent addiction: my Blackberry! Ya'll--aren't you addicted to yours too?
So tomorrow we will finally venture out. Schools are closed again tomorrow but the roads are better. Hope ya'll stay warm!


petrii said...

I love you list and Diet Coke and Steel Magnolia's although it is soooooooooo sad. I remember watching it in college (wow I am soooo much older than you =)!!!

Have fun venturing out tomorrow.

Have a Blessed evening,

~Bekah said...

awww u r too sweet! thanks so much! i need to put all my awards on my sidebar i guess to remember u and the other wonderful ladies! :) thanks sooo much! :) love ya

Betsy said...

Congratulations on your award, Meredith!! I love your five addictions. I am with you on all of them (except regular coke instead of diet!)

Be careful venturing out!!

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Thanks for the award! I'm working on getting my list together.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Meredith for the blog award. It is my very first award. You are too sweet!