Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Two of...ICE!

This is day 2 of being iced in! Russell has missed 2 days of work and is home. This is a picture of all of us enjoying our day together!

I love having Russell here so much! He's the best!

One thing Russell has enjoyed is taking pics of all the ice!


frozen water in the gutter

Frozen ice on the concrete bunny

Belle saying, "Can we go back inside now? Pleeaase!!!?"


Bethany said...

Looks like ya'll have enjoyed the ice/snow days! Stay warm. I added your blog to my list.

petrii said...

You two are sooooo cute!! Do you have power?

Have a Blessed evening,

Faith said...

Wow, I've been hearing so much about the terrible ice you guys are having and it looks awful!

I hope y'all are staying as warm as possible!!

Shaila Creekmore said...

Your side of the state looks like our side of the state. We're on our 3rd night without power, not fun. We have found warm places to stay though. I found your blog through kelly's by the way. :)

Kristie Young said...

I love the pic of yall with your dog...he is so cute! I don't think he liked being cold though in the other pic :)