Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fab Blog Award

Dawn, who is just soo sweet, gave me this blog award a while back and I am just now getting to award it back to others! This is the "Your Blog is Fabulous award". I love all of the blogs I read. I really do. The rules of accepting the award are that you award it to 5 people and then list 5 addictions you have. So without further ado, I award this to:
Bekah at Bizzy B's-She and her husband live in South AR where Russell and I are from. They are expecting a baby girl, Shelby, in June.
Kelly at Kelly's Korner-I love her blog and her blog was the first one I ever read. As you all know, she and Scott are very excited about Harper and how she is getting better and better every day!
Amy at The Talbert Trio-She is one of my very best friends and has had a blog for a little while. She is also expecting a baby in July! She is Russell's cousin also!
Stephanie at The Gift of Hope-She attends church where my parents attend. I found her blog recently and enjoy it.
Kacy at Murray Madness-Her blog is hilarious! Just makes my day!

So here are my 5 "addictions".

1. Diet Coke! This is my real addiction. I have to have a diet coke at least one to three times a day. I really try to drink water some though!

2. Mary Kay products. I don't think this is a bad addiction. I have been using MK for a year now and I just love it, of course. Every time I use the skincare, I feel like I am at a "mini spa" and pampering myself!

3. Movies. This is my #1 favorite movie of ALL time! It has been since I was 3 years old. I love going to the movies and whenever I love the movie, I HAVE to buy it...well I WANT to buy it. For instance, we have to own "Fireproof" and "Marley and Me" when it comes out! Russell and I both love to just relax and watch movies sometimes.

4. Cookbooks and cooking magazines. This is one of my favorites:Cooking w/ Paula Deen! I have a whole library of cookbooks and they are such good references!

5. My most recent addiction: my Blackberry! Ya'll--aren't you addicted to yours too?
So tomorrow we will finally venture out. Schools are closed again tomorrow but the roads are better. Hope ya'll stay warm!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Two of...ICE!

This is day 2 of being iced in! Russell has missed 2 days of work and is home. This is a picture of all of us enjoying our day together!

I love having Russell here so much! He's the best!

One thing Russell has enjoyed is taking pics of all the ice!


frozen water in the gutter

Frozen ice on the concrete bunny

Belle saying, "Can we go back inside now? Pleeaase!!!?"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Day in NWA

Today is a very cold and icy day here in NWA. Here is our street right now! Even though it is icy, it has been a good day! Russell is home and I am in my pj's. We plan on relaxing all day!

Here is our house in this ice!

Wow, what an icicle!

Many icicles on our porch table.
Yes, like I said, it's very cold here today. All the schools are closed and many businesses too. Last night, I made homemade chili and sour cream muffins. It was such a good time to have that meal! Hope ya'll stay warm!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mama and Daddy!

Forty years ago, on January 25, 1969, Jerry Randolph Jordan and Kathy Ann Saxon said "I Do." This is a precious picture of them on their wedding day.

Mama and Daddy are just such a wonderful example of marriage! They taught Kelly and I so much (and still do)!

Yesterday our family went to the Brave New to eat a very wonderful dinner. We really enjoyed it a lot. It was very fancy!

Me with my wonderful Russell. He is the greatest!

Kelly and I planned to give Mama and Daddy a special memory book that has many pictures from when they dated, married, Kelly's wedding, my wedding, Logan and Lauren's births, and more. Other family members got in on it also! They love the book!

This is them gazing in one another's eyes. Isn't that soo sweet?!!

Their rings together.
Happy 40th Anniversary Daddy and Mama! We Love You SO Much!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Day

Today is a very historical day. I watched part of the inauguration ceremony and then went to lunch with Paige at one of my favorite places, Crumpet Tea Room! It was so yummy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Praying for Harper and Praying for Brayden

Please Pray for precious Harper Brown Stamps. I know our God is a miraculous God and is the ultimate healer!

All of Harper's family need our prayers!!!!!!

Please Pray for Brayden Paul Wiley. He was born on Tuesday. His family needs our prayers also!

Remember Prayer is POWERFUL!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Price Product

Russell's parents are here for a visit this weekend and they stopped at Russell's great aunt and uncle's house in Little Rock for a quick visit. Margaret (Russell's great aunt) made 4 homemade jellies for us and put them in a basket. How cute!

And look, she even labeled each jar! It says, "A Price Product!" I really thought it was so special she did that!

Here are Jackie and Ricky at Fred's Hickory Inn. It was so yum.

And Russell and I! Hope ya'll have a grand weekend!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Random Post

I went to lunch with sweet Amy this afternoon at Atlanta Bread Company and had the best salad. It is called Balsamic Bleu Salad and it is just yum! I stopped at Hobby Lobby also and got some much needed baskets for my MK office. I also stopped at: Big Wag Gourmet Dog Bakery! I got Belle some treats like "cheese dogs" (dog shaped cheese cookies), donuts, and ice cream cones for her! She is gonna love em!

So I am going to the Mary Kay meeting tonight. But after I get back home from it I will jump into my pj's and watch:

I love this show! I am definitely using this show as part of my inspiration to lose weight! After that, I will work out on the Wii Fit! Which is SO fun to do! Have a great night, ya'll!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Mary Kay Unit, Mice, and Marley & Me

On Wednesday, Christy Cox became the newest Mary Kay Sales Director in NWA! She recruited me last year and it became official on the 31st of December! I am so happy to be in her unit now! Congratulations, Christy!

On a major different note, when Russell and I got back home from Christmas last week, we noticed a little changes at home. We had our gingerbread house still out and some of the candy had been moved....hmmm...believe it or not, we didn't think much of it. Then, I started to hear funny noises every now and then. Well, on Wednesday morning, I took Belle outside, fed her and sat down in the living room. Not even 5 minutes later, I saw something run across our counter in the kitchen...I looked a little closer and ya'll it was a MOUSE! I am such a girly girl! I don't like anything gross or yucky AT ALL! I freaked out more than one should. I RAN to our bedroom and closed the door.I was even too scared to try to put a towel under the door! I called Russell and ya'll I was so freaked out! He tried to calm me down. I called a few of my friends and I called my mother in law because they have had mice before. Anyway, as I was talking to Jackie, I saw little "Mickey" run under the door in our room! EWWW! So I was even too scared to take a bath in our bathtub! I got ready at the other end of the house and got Belle as quick as I could and left! I was THAT SCARED! Ya'll laugh at me if you must!

Well at least it wasn't Remy from Ratatouille! I do love the cartoon Mickey Mouse and Remy but NOT in real life!
So to end the story, Russell and I went to Amy and Tony's house to celebrate the New Year and Russell set traps all around the house before we went there. Well, I was still petrified and when we got home, I stayed in the truck while Russell looked for the yucky things. Well we got lucky. We trapped not one mouse, but TWO mice! Whew, I was so relieved. Our house is only supposed to have me, Russell, and Belle in it.....not any other creatures!
Russell and I finally saw Marley & Me last night. It was absolutely precious and I want to own it! Cause Russell and I are definitely movie buffs! Anyway, the movie is just the sweetest and I cried and cried at the end! I haven't cried like that at a movie in a long time! It makes me wanna hug Belle more and more! We just love our little "Bellie" as we sometimes call her! So if you haven't seen the movie, go see it! It is really great!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

Wow, what a year! This is my first "yearly recap" and I have a picture from each month on here! January is above! We went to Precious Moments Park. We loved it and plan to go back VERY soon! It is just precious and so beautiful!

February--We had a big snow this month and built a snowman. His name is Reesie! HA! See the Reeses cups?!! Also, I became a Mary Kay consultant this month.

March-We met Rena Tarbet. She is a beautiful person inside and out and just a wonderful lady. She has fought cancer for over 30 years. She is a Mary Kay National Sales Director.

April-Mary Kay Career Conference in Missouri. This is me and Amy Bowman.

May-Lauren's Kindergarten Circus-it was SO cute and she was the best acrobat ever! Also, Haley and Keith got married this month.

June-A Family Vacation I will never forget. It was so fun!

July-My cousin, Jennifer and Matt's wedding. It was a big wedding!

August- my birthday month but we also went to Tulsa to eat at The Melting Pot!

September-Our 1 year wedding anniversary! I love Russell SO MUCH! This is us at my parents house. We saved the top of the cake and it was surprisingly still pretty good!

October-We became home owners and officially moved in our house after much ado!

November-Belle came to live with us! She is JUST ADORABLE!

December-We celebrated the Christmas season in our new house with our new dog.
This year was filled with many ups and downs but all in all, we have a lot of memories with special family and friends. We are ready for the New Year! Happy New Year, ya'll!