Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty Crafty!

This weekend just went by so fast! WOW! From Thursday til today NWA has had many craft fairs going on. It's a big deal every year around here! Many people come from all kinds of different places to the craft fairs! Russell and I decided to go on Saturday. We went to War Eagle Mill and browsed! Right when we got there, I ran into..... My sweet cousin, Jacque and her husband Michael! **(Can you believe that, Aunt Nancy! HA!) They live in South AR, so we didn't expect to see anyone from there! It was a great surprise. We hardly get a chance to see them either! I love family!
I had to take a picture of this! I have said before, Russell and I are from South Ar, so my hometown has the "famous Barn Sale" every September. They usually always have kettle corn! I know some of ya'll are from different states who read my blog. I thought ya'll may think this is interesting! :) It is like sweet/salty popcorn that is made in a huge kettle shown in the picture above! Neat, huh?

I had to get this yesterday too. It's a personalized cake pan. A sweet lady engraves them and does such a great job! We thought it was special and neat too!

After that, I made soup and the "Great white pumpkin cheese ball" for an appetizer. We were going to have friends over last night, but they got sick yesterday. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made this cheese ball just for Russell and I. HA! Look on my cooking blog for recipes! :)
Church was so great this morning! After that, we had lunch w/ friends. I have been helping with our church's children's choir this Fall. It has been really fun so far. I LOVE children! I help w/ the 3 and 4 year olds. We sang songs, had story time, and snacks for the kids! :) I think that the snacks were the kids favorite part! :)
Verse of the day:
I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers. Philemon 1:4
Love ya'll!


Becky said...

In a small town near us, we have a Maple Syrup Festival each Spring. They always make a huge kettle of corn and give bags out. The best part is eating it the next day!

Katie said...

Meredith ~ I went to some of the craft fairs around NWA, too. Fun times. ; )