Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Birthday Message to Logan

Do ya'll know who this is? It's Logan! He is TEN years old today!
Wasn't he a cute baby?
These 10 years have been more fun, more blessed, more fulfilling, more memorable, more cool, and a lot more awesome with you in it!
Logan, I remember when I first saw you sit up, I was there the first time you crawled. I remember when you first smiled!

Our family is even more cooler with you in it! :)

I wish you could have been my date to "Caddies"! HA! You are always so fun to be around!

Logan, you are so special to Russell and I. Your mama and daddy have done so great raising you! Remember to thank them! :)

Logan, we need to go to a Razorback game sometime together! I loved your Arkansas Razorback birthday party a few years ago! My how time flies!

Logan, I know you enjoy hunting. You are such a good little hunter!

I remember when you were born, your daddy walked in the waiting room and said, "IT'S A BOY!" We all screamed so loud in the waiting room, but JJ jumped off the ground! :) I have loved being your aunt for 10 years now and I hope you have enjoyed me too! :) I think you are the best nephew in the world.
Love you,
Aunt Meredith


Laurie said...

I love these pictures! Happy Birthday Logan!

petrii said...

Oh how sweet!! hAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!

Great pics!!

Have a Super Blessed day friend,