Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack-o-Lantern Date

The other day, I found this shirt. I thought it was cute for Halloween. Halloween is not my favorite holiday of course, but I like to celebrate anyway. It was $8.00-I thought it was a deal! lol It kinda looks like I have tattooed arms! HA! Anyway, Wednesday night, Russell and I decided to have a little "Fall date at home" and carve pumkins! Yes, we have a tradition and TRY to carve pumpkins every Fall! There is just something about it! Oh, and Daddy carved them a lot with us too. He always would light a candle, and wait til the wax melted a bit, then gently pour the wax onto a jar lid and use that to put in the ole jack-o-lantern! I think it is so neat how he did that!
Russell is one master pumpkin carver; let me tell ya'll! :) He can also get all that goopie stuff out of pumpkins too. I try, I really do, but it is soo slippery. It's hard to yank that stuff out! Here is Russell and Belle wants to know what we are about to do! It's the first time she's been around this stuff!

Ta-da! Exhibit 1 of 5 pumpkins! (I only got a picture of 4 though. I was worn out by the 5th one! HA!)

And here's one of my jack-o-lanterns! This year, I decided to carve Joshua 1:9.

So here are 4 of them! I carved the two on the left. I love music, so I carved a treble clef and eighth note. Russell did the other 2. Oh and the last one on the right is supposed to be "Jigsaw" from the movie Saw. EEK. NO I will NOT watch that movie. Thank you very much! Russell will, however. I'll go hide if he watches it. Or maybe I'll just pop Steel Magnolias in and watch that via laptop! HA! Anyway, we did have fun. Ya'll are wondering, "where are you going to put all those pumpkins??" Well you will have to wait til tomorrow! So ya'll tell me, do you have any Halloween traditions? Carving pumpkins, dressing up...anything? Let me hear ya'll! :)
Verse of the day:
The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death. Proverbs 14:27


Laurie said...

Those look great! I can just see your Dad melting that wax!

Maryellen said...

WOW you guys did a great job. Very creative ideas too!

Enjoy trick or treat !

Katie said...

Great job! We did this tonight, too.

Claire said...

Your pumpkins are so clever!