Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Many Happy Things!

On March 20th, one of my sweet cousins, Mary Catherine, had a birthday! I missed putting it on my blog! Happy Late Birthday MC! I love you, Sweetie! Her sisters are Jennifer and Ann Marie.

WELL Today is Ann Marie's birthday!

Here is a picture of Ann Marie and her fiancee, Lance. They are getting married on December 5th and are having a gorgeous Christmas wedding! We are all looking forward to that! Happy Birthday Ann Marie! I love you!

Yes, there are many happy things going on today! Our sweet friends, Rhyanne and Chase are expecting a baby! They are in our Sunday School class and are such a sweet couple. Congratulations, Rhyanne and Chase! How exciting!

Today, I found this book. It is a devotional book but I had to get it. I love the Bible verse in Matthew when it talks about pearls, and also, our name...PRICE! I had to get this book!
Well tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I remember when I was little, my Daddy would wake me up and say, Meredith! It's snowing outside, look!" Well, then I would look outside looking for snow. He would then say with a BIG Grin, "APRIL FOOLS!" HA! He always loved joking with us!


Bethany said...

I am so glad you are holding on to happy, wonderful memories of your dad. I know it's those memories that warm your heart and soul.