Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Decor, Quick Trip, and Snow? No!

I love decorating. I especially love decorating a clean house! HA! I try to decorate during every holiday: Valentine's, then Easter, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas! I just saw this Easter tree from Williams Sonoma and thought it was just too cute!

And do ya'll love these? I remember my Nanny always gave me a Cadbury creme egg every Easter! I still love them to this day!
So tomorrow is Mary Kay Career Conference! We are coming back on Saturday so it will be a quick trip. My friends and I are going to have so much fun! It has been beautiful weather this week. However, in our area and in Kansas (where I am going tomorrow) snow is definitely expected! Weather is always unpredictable. Well we will just see what happens.....
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend.


Bethany said...

Yes, My nanny would always buy up the Cadbury eggs every Easter. I love the runny sugar in the middle that looks like egg yolk! How funny! I love Spring! Go away old man winter:)