Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures during Career Conference!

This year, Career Conference was in Kansas City, KS. A severe snow storm warning was in effect.....YEP! It was, but nothing was happening before we left. We got there and the weather was just cold and cloudy! It took us a long time to find Cheesecake Factory. I had never been there so I was anxious to eat there! :) Anyway, we finally found it. It was just SOO YUMMY!

Here we are before it started all ready to have a lot of fun!

A contest is going on right now where you get to pick any of these limited edition red jackets (if you have a red jacket, you are moving up the career ladder :) ). I like the one in the middle. Well, I don't know...haven't made my mind up yet!

Four National Sales Directors were there to speak. My favorite one there and now one of my top favorites was Gillian Ortega. All of them are just so very down to earth and just so sweet and personal with everyone!

And Paige came too! She is also a consultant in NWA! We didn't see each other very much because there were so many people there.
Okay, back on talking about weather, career conference wasn't supposed to be over until 4:30 yesterday. During lunch, the sleet came down like CRAZY! I did not want to risk riding back home late at night with the road so icy. Paige said she wanted to go ahead and leave and I said, "count me in, I am riding with you!" Anyway, the road was horrible! We did get home safe last night, but it was just a mess. I am glad all of the directors/consultants from NWA are safe now!