Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick Family Visit

This weekend was really fun. Friday night, we went to see Mall Cop with our sweet friends, Leah and Wes. Yesterday, my Mama, Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren came to NWA! We met them in Fayetteville because my sweet cousin, Emily was in:Have ya'll seen this fun play? Emily played "Deborah Sue" and did an awesome job!

I got this off of Emily's facebook! HA! Anyway, She is the one in the pink blouse on the front row! It really was fun!

Here are Mama, Logan and Lauren waiting for the play to start.

And today, Eric and Kelly finally got to see our house! I am so glad they came!

Lauren had so much fun in my office. She is my "little assistant!" HA!

L & L of course had fun with Belle! See how much Belle has grown? Not to mention Logan and Lauren of course!

Lauren is helping a wonderful cause by growing her hair out for Locks of Love! She has a while to go but I just found out she was doing this so I had to get a "before" picture! She won't get her hair cut for a long time!
Hope all of you have a wonderful week! I hope that this week is a beautiful Spring week instead of a cold week! We will see!


Bethany said...

What a fun time! I'm so glad you had a fantastic weekend with your family.

Laurie said...

I love your new blog look!

Julee said...

Hey Meredith... I do know Jennifer and I LOVE her! Thanks for commenting and thanks for the prayers!!