Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wii Fit, Jewelry, other things

Lately, our family has been going through a lot right now. I just don't really want to say what it is. That is one reason why I haven't blogged. I have been focusing on God of course and He has helped me through a lot already. I have been at my hometown for about a week now and these are just a few random things that have made me happy. Okay everyone knows about the Wii Fit! Russell came to Camden Friday night and surprised me with this! We have both been needing and wanting one. My niece and nephew loved it too!
Also, have ya'll seen these? They are called Popcorn Blouses and supposed to be one size fits all. My mama's best friend, Mary (hi Mary!) got her a pretty green one like this for her birthday and I just absolutely HAD to get one of these. I got mine in royal blue and love it. And guess where they came from? OCMC hospital gift shop! I used to work at OCMC and loved going to the gift shop.
These are Chamila bracelets. I have one with a couple of charms on it. My aunt Nancy and I went to a store in Magnolia and I got a house charm and a music note charm.
My friend, Amy, gave me a pretty present from B La Rue and it was a Viva Beads necklace. The bead was a green and pink cross on a black cord. The beads are made from handmade clay and a new thing.

Hope you all have a great week!


Kelly said...

Thinking about ya'll this week Meredith!

petrii said...

I hope all is okay. You'll be in my thoughts friend.

Blessings to you, Dawn