Friday, October 24, 2008

Celebrating Fall, Ya'll!

So I saw a new idea for trick or treaters. Instead of handing out bunches of candy to the cute kiddos....Russell and I are going to hand out..... Plah-Doh! They have these new "trick or treat bags" for Halloween. I think we will try that this year!

Also, we are going to our friends, Paige and Eric's house next week to carve jack-o-lanterns. I have always loved to carve them. However, when I was growing up, I relied on Mama and Daddy to help me with it! :) I still have to get Russell to help! We love carving pumpkins!

In other news, we FINALLY can move in our house! And I am serious this time! We got an early occupancy agreement so we can move on in there! YAY! Riverwalk Farm Estates-here we come! HA! So this weekend, that is what we will be busy doing!

I planned on going to the Rena Tarbet Retreat last week at Sky Ranch Camp in Texas. Since I was in Camden I couldn't go but I did get goodies that my director brought back for me! Everyone who went to retreat got a Tarbet Area bag, blue sleep shirt, flash light, and tumbler! Rena Tarbet is a Mary Kay National Sales Director. This was the last retreat she held so it was a big deal. She has fought with cancer for 30 years--yes, ya'll-that long! And she has an amazing testimony. That is one of the many reasons why she means a lot to me.

Also, since I have been celebrating Fall, we got this jack-o-lantern pizza! So cute! And where did we get it? Where else but Papa Murphy's Pizza! Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Laurie said...

Great idea about the Plah-do! Emily LOVES that stuff!

kacysuzanne said...

Congratulations on moving into the new house! Hope you have lots of trick or treaters!

Guy & Julie said...

This is a very fun post! I have thought that many times about passing out candy--we broke down and bought a bag of candy at Sam's, though. I may go for the playdoh next year. Congratulations on moving into your house--it is beautiful! And I had seen advertisements on the pumpkin shaped pizza- Guy and I LOVE Papa Murphy's. We may have to try one out this week!

petrii said...

YAY for being able to move in ~~ YAY ~~ I am so happy for you, and what a Beautiful house. Please share some pics inside when you get 'er all done up!!

Congrats ~~ Have a Blessed day,

Megan said...

What a beautiful house..congrats! I think the play-doh is a fun idea for trick or treaters. That pizza is too neat, it's making me hungry.

Leigh Ann said...

The Pla-doh is a great idea! Your house is so pretty. I know you must be so excited! yeah!