Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vote for Logan!

This morning, I talked to my sister, Kelly, and she mentioned a fun and interesting fact about my sweet nephew, Logan! He is running for 3rd Grade Representative in the student council!!! He is so into it! His dad, Eric, has a logo that says, "Logan 4 Rep". It is really cute! Logan has to write a speech for school and everything. He is really growing up. Logan and Lauren moved to a new school this year too. I am so proud that Logan wants to step up and take that position in a new school!!! He is so awesome!
I decided I would promote him on my blog for today! Ha! If I had to give a lot of reasons for people to vote for him I would say:

1. He is a super sweet boy.
2. He is very honest and smart! (He gets it from his parents! :) )
3. He is a awesome friend to all his friends
4. He loves his family.
5. He always thinks of others and helps out with things!

There are so many other reasons too.

So as his "Aunt Meredith" I want to say "VOTE FOR LOGAN!" LOGAN 4 REP!!!!


Jessica said...

You are so, so sweet! Your comment made me smile. : ) Your new house is gorgeous, by the way. I love the outside. It reminds me of our house. We have the same taste! : )

Heather said...

What a cutie! Maybe he'll run for president someday ;)

Laurie said...

I agree with all those things about Logan. That is so great for him to run. I hope he will win! That is precious. I love him!

Leigh Ann said...

I loved this Meredith. So sweet.