Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mandy & David's Wedding

Wow! This has been the year of weddings, I tell ya'll what! WHEW! Ya'll I love weddings, always have! I think I had half of my wedding planned by the time I was 9! But Russell and I traveled a lot for weddings this year! It's a lot of driving! Saturday, Mandy and David got married! Mandy and I met at college. We were both in Heritage Singers at SAU. I noticed right off the bat that she was so friendly and fun! We worked together also for a few months and we became close. This is her in her gorgeous dress!
Here are the cute ring bearers!
Aimee, Annie, Kasey, and Stephanie were so fun to get to talk to.
Oh my goodness, Mandy and David sang the song, "When God Made You" together! It was beautiful and they did a great job.
And here is me and Russell at the reception! It was such a sweet wedding. My uncle Bill is getting married in September and we are going to that if we can. Russell and I have almost been married a year! It is so amazing how fast the time has flown by! The year has just zoomed! Can ya'll believe that we are just now getting our wedding pictures back?!?!! Mama and Daddy got them from the photographer last night. So we are anxious about that!

So I haven't had much to blog about. So sorry! But I will get better-ha!


Mary Kate said...

Hi Mandy...I found your blog from Jenna's blog & read that you went to SAU. My husband & I went to SAU from '98-'02. When were you there? I was an Alpha Sig while I was there. It's a small world!!