Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Been TAGGED!

Girls! I STILL can't figure out how to tag other people!!! Jenna tagged me and wanted to know six quirks of mine. Hmm...well let me think! HA!

1. Unfortunately, I can't EVER seem to fix my hair the way I want it. I always love it more when someone else does it. When I went to MK Seminar, Christy did my hair for awards night-it looked great! For my cousin's wedding, Ann Marie did my hair for that and it looked pretty but with me doing my hair-it NEVER seems to work out! HA!

2. I take baths, not showers....but I do once in a blue moon. I have just always liked taking baths for some reason!

3. I have to admit that I love convenience. I know most people do but I am an absolute sucker for it!

4. I have to have a Diet Coke every day (at least 1 or 2). It is one of my weaknesses.

5. Okay I am from South Arkansas and in Camden (my hometown), my cousin Jennifer and I went to Sonic a LOT! They had THE ABSOLUTE BEST cheese fries! Every time I go to any other Sonic, they never make them like Camden's! So it's kinda my thing that I get those cheese fries from CAMDEN ONLY!!! HA!!!

6. I probably mentioned this before, but I am high maintenance! Enough said about that! HA!

So I tag....Laurie, Heather in Iowa, Caroline, Leigh Ann, and Meredith E.


Jenna said...

I'm pretty high maintenance myself!

Leigh Ann said...

Thanks for the tag, Meredith. I have always thought your hair looks so pretty in every picture I have seen of you! I think you do a fantastic job by yourself.

Heather said...

This is so fun! I love learning more about you. I will work on getting my responses up soon!