Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Weekend

This weekend, my parents came for my birthday and we all had a good time together. One of the things Russell and I looked forward to was to show them our new house!! They LOVED it! They got so very excited about it. I made dinner. It was Barbeque Chicken (I'll post the recipe later!), green beans and rolls. I also made cookie dough bars.
This is mama and daddy in front of our house.
Saturday was my birthday! I am 23! This was one of my gifts. It is an embosser set with a recipe box. It came with recipe cards and an embosser that says "Kitchen of Meredith J. Price".

We ate dinner at P.F. Changs. It was soo good! We had a really good time together there too.
Here are Mama and Daddy at dinner.
Okay, I had no idea that Russell told the waitress it was my birthday and he thought they would just give me one small dessert but they came out w/ this HUGE cake! It is called the Great Wall of China! See why? Good thing we all shared because my parents got me a birthday cake from one of the best bakeries in South AR. They stopped at Klappenbach Bakery (which has been featured in Southern Living) for my cake!

Russell and I got married 9-8-07. Mama and Daddy came with our wedding pictures that we have been waiting for (almost a year!). This is one of the pictures with my presents. Here is a scarf, purse, notebook and embosser set. By the way, my mama made the scarf herself! AWW!
This morning we went to church and it was a wonderful service! It was so great! This weekend was really great. Also, we are soooo glad that the Razorbacks WON!!!! WOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!


Laurie said...

Happy belated Birthday Meredith. So glad your parents loved the house. I knew they would. It is great! That PF Chang cakes looks sosoooososoo GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna said...

Happy belated Bday! Oh my, I've had that cake and it is delish!

petrii said...

Happy Birthday Meredith!! I turned a whole lot older than you last week, dear one :0) But I'm so glad our bdays are so close together ~~ that's a fun fact!!

I love the recipe cards and embosser!! I can't wait for that recipe ~~ bbq chicken is one of my fav's and I love to try out new recipes!!

Have a Blessed week,

Jessica said...

That dessert looks scrumptious!! : )

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. I love the recipe embosser set--what a neat gift!