Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Time

Hello again! I think I am starting to get used to blogging on a regular basis again. Oh, how I missed it!
So a couple of weeks ago, we went to South Arkansas to visit family. Since we announced it to our sweet family members, we really wanted to see them soon after to celebrate and just spend time together.
 Russell and I wanted to give each of our family members a little momento to commemorate our excitement. :) I made each of them baby blocks!
 They each had their name on them and other little sayings or pictures. Uncle Eric's says, "I Love Reese's!"
 All of the baby blocks together
 I did not get any pictures of my sister, but we had such a good visit that Friday night. They showed us their newest contraption in their house-a soda stream! We made cream soda and Dr. Pete (Dr. Pepper). It was really good and so fun to make!
 Kelly made such a yummy dessert with cookies, ice cream, and chocolate syrup. I just call it...well..heaven! YUM!
 Saturday, we got to visit with Russell's family. Here are Jackie and Ricky with their baby blocks. So proud!
 Jackie and Ricky got Baby Price a little something...Razorback bibs! Soo cute. We love those Hogs!
My mom came for a visit earlier in September and she got the baby their 1st pair of socks with ducks on them. Love that!
 Lauren even got to come with us to South AR!
Lauren, me and Mama outside. I always love coming to my hometown and staying in the house where I grew up.
Can you tell that Lauren and I love our polka dots?
 Lauren and Mama showing off their blocks!
Saturday night, I got to visit with my sweet cousin, Ann Marie. I didn't get a picture but I always love catching up with her. Miss seeing Re Re and her sisters!
September 22nd was Belle's FIFTH birthday! We had to have a mini photo session with her, of course. She always likes to strike a pose!
So, our trip was short and sweet, but full of fun, of course.
Can you believe it's Fall? Oh, I love love love Fall! I can't believe I still haven't decorated our house for Fall yet! I better go run and get our Fall wreath!
For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. Titus 2:11