Thursday, October 17, 2013

DNOW Vine 2013

A few weeks ago, Russell and I hosted a group of 7th grade girls for DNOW at our house. It was the first year we helped out as a host home, but we absolutely loved it.
 This year's theme was DNOW Vine 2013. You may have heard of the iPhone app, Vine. You can upload a six second video clip and share it on the app. I have one, but I mainly just put cooking videos or something about Belle on there. :) The youth and leaders were encouraged to upload DNOW "vines" throughout the weekend. They were great!
The main reason for the theme was from the Bible verse, John 15:5. Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches.
 We got to know these fabulous girls very quickly and I was excited that two of my Sunday school girls from last year could stay with us!
Abby, Mary Claire, Kenedi, Kennedi, Natalie, and Annabelle were oh so fun!
We were ready to tailgate before the Bentonville Tigers football game!
YAY! I love these girls so much too! We bonded so so much last year in Sunday school.
Anna, Madison, Avery, and Gracie!
What better food to eat than cheeseburgers, chips, and coke? Perfect football food! :)
 A group of us actually sat on the visitor's side at the game because the regular seating was crazy packed! I was glad to get this picture of the traditional baby powder students throw up in the air every kick off.
Side note: When we signed up to be a host home, it was before we found out about the pregnancy, but I really prayed that I would be a great "host mom" that weekend so I could be available and able to make it to each DNOW event. I was starting the eighth week of the pregnancy that weekend and I admit, I was definitely tired, and had no energy, but the Lord definitely gave me strength for sure! I wanted to really be there for those sweet girls and I am so glad it worked out. I was a little nauseous Sunday morning, but that's it! Thank goodness! And Russell was incredible help. I couldn't have made it without my sweet husband. Always better together!
 Friday after the game, I made "kissy cookies," which are peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss on top. Annabelle and Mary Claire had a tiff over the peanut butter leftovers! HA!
 All the girls slept on the floor, so we made a huge pallet for them for that Friday and Saturday night.
Belle really liked the blankets a lot!
 Saturday morning I made breakfast casserole and cinni-minis for breakfast.
 Sweet girls having breakfast.
We had awesome college leaders stay at our house, too. Mary and Natalie were just so fun!
 Ready for session one at church!
 Yes, I mentioned lack of energy. Terrible pic of me.
But this is Demi and me! This year was her first year as a college leader and I know she really enjoyed it. Demi is one of the sweetest girls I know!
 We learned so much the whole weekend. Also, we sang the best worship songs. The praise band did awesome. We really enjoyed it.
 Clint and Kylie graciously helped pass out lunch on Saturday. What's better than Chick-fil-A? Not much in my book! :) Clint and Kylie were also our support home and helped us tremendously the whole weekend with transportation, made breakfast on Sunday, and so much more. They are the sweetest and we are so glad we could get to know them better!
 After lunch, the girls worked on a photo challenge that DNOW put together. Our group worked SO hard on the pictures. This one is one of my favorites. All six of the girls were in the phone booth!
 The girls also helped out with the food drive. It started POURING down rain, so I was nervous that it would slow the girls down. I was wrong. They probably had more fun because of the rain! Ha! Kennedi and Annabelle are just great girls!
 Kylie and I.
 Our whole group on Saturday night! This just makes me smile!
 Who doesn't love midnight snacks? I made a fruit pizza for the girls to enjoy while we watched The Little Mermaid!
Carly and me before the service on Sunday.
She is so precious to me! Love her lots.
It was amazing to be able to help out for DNOW. It was just an incredible blessing.
I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me, and I in him, he will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.
John 15:5