Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Love

I am absolutely thrilled that Fall is officially here! It was pretty chilly today, and it really felt like my favorite season.
 Sigh. I heart October. Anne of Green Gables is also wonderful, too.
Oh, and the word, "where" was spelled correctly..until I accidentally cropped the "e" out! OOPS!
 The other day, my sweet friend, Sarah surprised me with this mix! If y'all have not tried candy corn mixed with peanuts, you are missing out. It is the perfect Fall treat. :)
 Sparkly pumpkins are just too pretty, aren't they?
 I just put this together really quickly. It's just a decorative pumpkin and sparkly acorns.
Russell and I picked out a few pumpkins this afternoon. We always love picking them out together every year.
 Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!
 Russell and the fairy tale pumpkins
 Here he is showing off our loot!
Every year, we always make a white pumpkin cheese ball. I found the recipe in a Southern Living magazine a few years ago, and have been making it ever since.
 We will definitely eat this for a while! I just stuck a piece of a pretzel rod in it, plus I curled a couple pieces of floral wire and stuck them in too.
 We had Paula Deen's beef vegetable soup for dinner. It's another go to recipe every year.
What's better than warm apple pie? Dessert, please!
Yes, Fall has been great so far!
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26


petrii said...

Oh how I love fall too.
And next year, y'all will have your own little pumpkin to help you with all things holidays =)

Love you girl ~~ dawn

Paige Ferriss-Humphrey said...

Lookin good my friend! I love fall! Makes me think of Apple your house! That soup from Paula dean I will have to make.. Thanks for sharing!! Love you!!

Paige Ferriss-Humphrey said...

I love the blog! Out fav time of year!! Makes me think of apple your house. Yummy! Love the food posts, ill have to make Paula deans's soup...holy cow! You make it look awesome! Love you mere!!