Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summertime Favorites

 Summertime is perfect for the things I'm talking about today. First of all, I thought I would share my first favorite thing and that would be.....get ready....Sonic Cranberry Slushes! They are my newest addiction! HA! Go get one and don't walk--run to Sonic! You won't regret it!
 My second favorite thing for this Summer is our Orange Dreamsicle candle. It smells like pure Summertime heaven, y'all! It fills the room with such a yummy smell!
 Next is nail polish for Summer. My favorite color is not a new color, but I love it anyway. It is Dim Sum Plum by OPI. Last year, I went to a birthday party and found out that Kelly, my sister, her friend, Claudia, and I all had on this same color! I still adore it!
 I recently bought this adorable picnic basket from walmart on sale for seven dollars! It is inspiring me to have a picnic by the lake with Russell sometime really soon!
Speaking of picnics....
What is a picnic without my Daddy's recipe of homemade pimento cheese? I remember anytime our family would go to the beach, we would stop for a picnic on the way. The night before we left, I always enjoyed helping Daddy make pimento cheese!
Summertime is sweet!