Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bro. Bob

Today, we learned of the passing of a wonderful Christian man who showed the love of the Lord to many many people. Bro. Bob Crank was a huge influence in mine and Russell's lives and sooooo very many others as well. 
Russell knew Bro. Bob through an organization called the ABS (Association of Baptist Students), at SAU and from church as well. Bro. Bob was such an awesome mentor for Russell from the day Russell started going to the ABS. I met Bro. Bob when Russell and I started dating back in 2005. I knew he was very special from the day I met him.
I attended SAU starting that August and attended the ABS as well.
 Bro. Bob served in the student ministry for about 36 years, I believe. Here's some of the "ABS Bunch" one of the years Russell was in college. I only attended SAU one year. Every Tuesday night, the ABS would have TNT (Tuesday Nights Together) and all us college students met at the center. Bro. Bob would always share a very inspirational message every week. Every Wednesday night, ABS had L.I.G.H.T and M.I.G.H.T. (Ladies in Gods Holy Truth and Men in Gods Holy Truth). The guys would meet in one room and girls in another and Ms. Amy Covington (Bro. Bob's daughter), would lead the girls and of course Bro. Bob led the guys. We were taught many biblical truths and our faith grew in many ways.
 Here are Russell and I during an event at ABS--Puttin' On the Ritz! It was a special way to commemorate all the ABS leaders and seniors for that year. So fun.
 Here are some of the  guys after a M.I.G.H.T. meeting
Last but not least, here's a sweet pic of a few of us ABSers with "Mama Crank". She is the one on the front in the middle. Such a precious lady.
I just wanted to share my heart about Bro. Bob today and a little about the ABS at SAU. We will always carry so many memories of him and our college ABS memories with us forever. To all the SAU ABS RIDERS out there: Remember these things? "I'm Third", TNT, MIGHT, LIGHT, Cactus Pete, Talent Shows, Puttin on the Ritz, ABS Mug Shots on the bulletin board, Girls Nights Out, Hay Rides, Coca-Cola, Prayer Closet, Travel Team, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas caroling, Leadership conferences, Branson, friendships made, studying countless hours at ABS (I know that's so true for Russell), and SOO many others I may be leaving out.  

"When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus we'll sing and shout the victory!"


Kristie Young said...

I was so sad to hear about bro. Bobs passing, his legacy will live on forever. I can not even imagine how many lives he touch and the seeds that were planted. I will always cherish my memories made at the ABS and I wouldn't have my husband if it wasn't for the ABS, thank you for sharing.