Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Southern Way

 Around South Arkansas, we love lots of things in the summer. We love swimming, laying out to tan in the sun, (not me--I would BURN to a crisp!), and make fried green tomatoes! This is just our southern way, y'all. I decided today was the day to make them for dinner.
 I also made squash casserole, which is another southern staple. If I had time I would have made sour cream cornbread, but I just made these two things. It was my first time to ever make them too.
A close up of the squash casserole. I will continue to look for stands by the side of the road that sell fresh produce this Summer. It's usually better than any grocery store around here! Summer has been steaming hot lately. It was 101 degrees today. Wow! Hope you are enjoying Summer so far!


GreenGirl said...

I would love the recipes! Here up north we don't have good food like that!!

Mallorie said...

I've never had fried green tomatoes!!! I need to try some! :-) Yours look delicious!

Candy said...

I would love the squash recipe.