Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Fun!

As I enjoy our homemade snow ice cream, I am enjoying blogging about our snow day. BRR! After Russell got home from work, we enjoyed the weather outside. We took this picture while it was snowing! I love watching it snow outside.
Trying to stay warm!
Russell made a small snowman. We named him Candy. See his smile made out of dumdums and buttons and eyes made out of kisses? Cute!
I made a meal perfect for a cold Winter's night-Pioneer Woman's comfort meatballs with creamy mashed potatoes! YUM! Most of Arkansas is covered with snow, which is a rare thing! We will continue to stay warm on this February night! Hope y'all stay warm too!

He says to the snow,"Fall on the earth." Job 37:6


michelle said...

This is one of our favorite meals! Love your blog!!

Mallorie said...

Hi there! :-) I'm now your newest follower! yay!!! Your food for the snow night looked SO YUMMY!!! I'm in Texas and we've had a ton of snow too..I just love cooking when it's snowy and cold outside!!! How did you make your snow ice cream? I tried and it tasted terrible!!!!