Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love You, Daddy!

Oh, how I LOVE this picture of Daddy and me. I consider Daddy to be my first Valentine. I miss him so much and will always consider him to be my very first Valentine. I remember when he and I would dance together when I was little. I looked up to him SO much. I remember when I said to him, "Daddy, you should get Mama flowers for Valentine's Day." The flowers in the picture are what he chose for Mama! Most of the time he loved giving Mama a box of chocolates and a very sweet card. He was an example of who I should want in a husband, Russell. Daddy showed me and my sister, Kelly how a husband should be. I am so grateful for that. I LOVE YOU, DADDY! Love, Meredith (Skeeter)

May your unfailing love rest upon us O Lord. Psalm 33:22