Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adventures in Sewing

"SALE ON ALL SEWING MACHINES", said the ad we saw in the paper about 2 years ago. Yes, it's been that long since I have had this sewing machine. Russell and I woke up early just so we could get in line and guarantee us a sewing machine. I was so very excited to purchase my first one. It even came with an instructional DVD! I wanted to start out sewing very basic things for friends, and once we had children, I thought I could sew them things as well. That night, I popped in the DVD, got out my trusty Singer Prelude, and went to town! Well, not exactly. After I made one stitch something went wrong. I think the bobbin got caught with the thread or something. Oh well! I didn't touch my sewing machine again until tonight. I had problems. First of all, I lost my DVD. Second of all, even the videos on youtube wouldn't help!
Exhibit A: I thought I finally had it all ready to go. All I wanted to do was make sure I could handle stitching.
Exhibit B:
It got caught. Again. I say again, I would LOVE to learn how to sew. I don't know if it is just me, or the machine! HA! I know--It's probably totally my fault that this is so messed up! So I am asking the few of you who read my blog, if you know of any advice about sewing, TELL ME PLEASE! I would love to know! I'm desperate for anything! HA! I do believe this Bible verse below!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


~Bekah said...

I think ur bobbin must be threaded wrong

Jenna said...

Girl, I taught myself, and it was tough. Mainly I just read my manual over and over again until I could figure out what was going on. Thats the best advice I have! I look at other blogs to find cute ideas of things to make. Hope you figure it out!

petrii said...

The bobbin has to be in just the right way (I learned this the hard way) and then the regular thread has to be threaded through all it's bells and whistles (very technical I know) and then it should work.

That is about all the sewing knowledge I have. I've made curtains and a skirt or two and that is about it. Oh yeah and an apron or two, because that is straight stitching stuff, but I have found out that sewing to me is stress and work, so I do not sew much. But I still like the thought of sewing wonderfully designed clothes for myself, but I'm pretty sure that is not gonna happen =)

Have a Blessed weekend friend,