Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mardi Gras is Coming Up

Well--Mardi Gras will be here on Tuesday! Russell, Mama and I thought we would order a "World Famous Mardi Gras King Cake" this year for fun. It arrived here today! Look at the pretty box! :)
The cake is traditionally oval with festive colors of green, purple, and yellow. Also, there is always a small toy baby in each cake and as the story goes.....if you find the baby, you buy the next king cake next year! :)

Wow it is a big cake....we will have to share this with our friends soon!

Since I am talking about King Cake, I thought I would post some pics of New Orleans in celebration of Mardi Gras on Tuesday.

SO Pretty!

YUMMY Cafe du Monde!

The gorgeous Saint Louis Cathedral
It's been a very busy week this week. We are expecting snow tomorrow afternoon. In South AR, you never really know if you will get snow or not until it happens. We will see!
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