Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Thoughts and More

I just cannot believe it is February! However, I do love this month most every year. I kind of think of it as a countdown to Spring almost! As ya'll know, the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend! I have to say, I just enjoy getting together with friends, watching the commercials and munching on good "super bowl" food! I'm trying to decide on what I am going to make for Sunday night. Stay tuned for that! So, are ya'll gonna be cheering for the Saints or the Colts? Russell and I will be cheering on the Saints! May the best team win!

When I mentioned Spring earlier, it always makes me think of our community's annual Daffodil Festival. Mama is actually on the committee this year and today, I helped her deliver festival buttons to places here in Camden. The picture above was taken years ago in Camden. Aren't those daffodils beautiful? By the way, some of you Camden readers out there may recognize who the little boy and girl are in the picture. I know who the boy is, but I am not sure who the little girl is! HA! Anyway, the festival is not until March 12th and 13th this year. We will definitely be there!

Shifting gears a little........
Who is ready to see this movie??!!?! I am so ready to see it. All the books by Nicholas Sparks are awesome, and when the books are made into movies, they are always great too! Well, that is all I know for now! Hope everyone's rest of the week is great!

So faith comes from hearing, that is hearing, the good news about Christ. Romans 10:17