Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Visitor and Biggest Loser

Russell's best friend, Todd has been here for a few days. He left this morning but I am positive that Russell and Todd had a great and eventful time! Friday all three of us went to Branson to see the Baldknobbers Show in Branson. Yeah, funny name I know. But it really was a great show. Good for families too! Saturday we traveled to Springdale and ate at Lambert's Cafe. Todd is a good ole country boy and he is proud of it too! So he was in his element! Lambert's Cafe is home of the throwed rolls, you know! They really throw the rolls to you!

After that, we went to Bass Pro Shops Headquarters. It was fun.

See me in that camo recliner? HA! I wouldn't ever have one of these in my house unless we had a big house with a hunting/camo room!

We told Todd he had to bring his fish frier to NWA just so he could fry his fish for us! He is famous for fried fish, fries, hush puppies and my personal favorite.....FRIED BISCUITS! YUMMM! Here they are!

Well tonight is the Biggest Loser FINALE! Oh my word, I absolutely love that show! I DVRed last week's episode and watched it but Russell didn't see it. So right now, we are finishing up last weeks episode and THEN this week's starts! YAY! Oh it is such an inspiring show! I just cried and cried when I watched the one from last week and I know this one will be just as good! :)


Guy and Julie said...

I am so excited about the Biggest Loser finale!!!! Our TV has not worked in a week, and it just started working tonight, just in time. I am so relieved!

Girl Child said...

Biggest Loser is my favorite show EVER.. me and my mom are addicted.. I don't know what I will do next Tuesday!! omg, and WHAT was up with Kristen's platnum blonde hair? no way! I love Mike.. I feel SO bad for Max tho. Poor fella.. I bet they'll put him on the show when he's old enuf.. if he doesn't lose it before then..