Sunday, May 31, 2009

Naturals Faith and Family Night

It has been a great weekend. Friday night we went to the Arvest ball park for "Faith and Family Night" that 101.1 KLRC put on. Amy and Tony were with us too.

Francesca Battistelli sang before the Naturals baseball game. Here we are during the concert. She is quite talented!

Amy and Tony had such a good time too!

There was also a group from Wild Wilderness Safari there. They had quite a few different animals there too...including a ....boa constrictor.....eeek! HA! Here is a baby lion!

And look! A baby monkey! HA! How cute!

After the game, there were fireworks! They were so awesome!

We always love having a good time with friends! Yesterday we relaxed a little bit and then went to see the movie Up. It was soo cute! I think some of our friends are going to go see it on Friday night and we enjoyed it so much we may just go again! :) After the movie, we went to eat at a local Italian restaurant! YUM! Hope ya'll have a great week!


petrii said...

Hi Meredith,
So sorry I haven't been by in so long. I got my computer back, but it didn't have ANY of my bookmarks on there, and so slowly but surely I'm getting back in the groove.

I hope you are well. You and Russell look so cute in these pics. I'll be doing some catch up =)

Have a Blessed evening,