Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Belle's Day at Bark Park!

It is such a beautiful day today! I went to lunch with my sweet friend, Amy at Abuelo's and then Russell and I decided we should visit the...

Bentonville Bark Park! The grand opening for it is this Saturday but there have already been many dogs at the park. It is a leash free park where dogs can just run all around and play!

Here is Belle laying out in the sun!

It was VERY windy too! HA!

Come on Belle! She was too scared to go through the tunnel.

Yay Belle!

We had a great day at the Bentonville Bark Park. Oh and did you know that a little girl thought of this idea?!! YES! A local Girl Scout who lives in our area thought of this as a Girl Scout project! I think that is so awesome!
And here is Belle tuckered out! She is about 8 months old now! WOW!
Ya'll! I can't seem to get my pictures right on here! I would really appreciate yall if you could tell me how to organize mine better!


Becky said...

Meredith, I check out your blog from time to time and you and Russell are so cute! You always seem so upbeat! Your Bark Park looks like every dog's dream come true!

Bethany said...

I need to take ZoZo there and let her run around. Belle is so pretty. I bet her and ZoZo would get along well. Take care!