Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mer's Like Totally Awesome 80's Surprise Birthday Party

So on August 30, I turned 30!!!
It has been a great few weeks in my thirties thus far and looking forward to more fun and adventures for sure! I was looking forward to by birthday weekend because anytime spent with Russell and Jackson is time well spent. Our plans were to maybe go eat somewhere, family time, and go to church. I was very surprised on August 29th, when Russell and friends helped throw an 80's surprise birthday party for me!
Here's how it went down:
Russell told me earlier that week that one of my best friends, Mandy, was coming to babysit Jackson so we could go on a date night. First I thought that was extremely sweet of her, and I just went along with Russell's plan. "I'm just here to babysit," Mandy said. :) We had a date with just the two of us at Abuelo's Mexican restaurant. It was SOO good!!

I walked in our front door, and I was so surprised to see balloons, 80's decorations, and Mandy's daughter, Eden right by the door. :) When I walked around the corner, there were my amazing friends! OH my word, it was so fun to see them and such a surprise!
I got such a huge kick out of the cake! It's a cassette tape with an 80's mix. 
I thought this was "totally cool!"
Then, minutes later, my sister, Kelly, and my nephew and niece walked in the door!! OH MY WORD!!!! I was brought to tears for sure. I cannot say enough how much I love them.
Oh, how I sometimes wish Logan and Lauren could be little again, like Jackson. ;) 
Me and my boys! Love love love.
My whole heart! 
Helping me blow out the candles. Precious moments.
Mandy actually decorated and everything while we were on the date. So sneaky and sweet. :)
A fun and totally 80's group pic!
Mandy, Kelly and me
Meredith, Kelsey, and Kari with her sweet girl, Rylie
Lauren even fixed her hair the 80's style. 
Chad and Logan chatting
*Disclaimer: The big white box is actually a cheap babyproof from the fireplace. EEK!
Carolyn, Etta and me! 
Russell and I are so beyond blessed by Mandy, Chad, and their kids. They mean the world to us!
More decorations
So funny! Mandy attached pictures to VHS tapes!
This pic makes me wanna sing, "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany! Too funny!
Family picture!
It truly was a wonderful night with family and friends. I love them so very much!
I will praise you forever, O God, for what you have done. I will trust in your good name in the presence of your faithful people Psalm 52:9


Maryellen said...

Happy Belated Birthday - what a great party !

Welcome back to blogging too !

Becky said...

It was nice to catch up on what is going on in your life! Always enjoy an update.