Monday, May 18, 2015

Bentonville Film Festival 2015

Earlier this month, our little town of Bentonville held a film festival. It brought thousands of people to this area to see what it was all about. Our family had to find out too!
 BFF! Jackson had a great time!
 There were many places in NWA that showed independent movies and familiar movies as well. VUDU lounge was one of them. Popcorn, Coke, or M&M's, anyone?
 Jackson kept holding on to that bottle of Coke. Too funny.
 We also had fun photo booth pictures made. So fun!
 The next day, I decided to take Jackson to the festival and it was just he and I hanging out together. Our first stop was the Coca-Cola vendor booth. I was so excited to get our names on coke cans. :) It's the little things, y'all. It was great to see Jonathan Martinez and Laine Baker from our local news station while I stood in line. :)
 Jackson and I even met Laine and she asked to get a picture with Jackson. Jonathan even took the picture and he kept commenting on Jackson's "little locks." It was great meeting them!
 What's a film festival without the Oscar Mayer weinermobile? Just fun to see.
I even ran into Amy Duggar! It was so crazy I met so many well known people in a short amount of time. Haha! Amy was very sweet and so friendly! So awesome meeting her.
I think there will be a festival every year, so that's pretty exciting!
I hope that next year, we can participate in more events at the festival. I just love this place!
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