Wednesday, January 7, 2015

JOYFUL CHRISTMAS..Jackson's 1st..Part 2

Here's the continuation of our trip to South AR, plus a celebration at my house!
The day after Christmas, we headed to Russell's parent's house to celebrate the holiday!
We opened gifts. They were tickled to get the personalized plate and framed picture of Jackson.

The three of us! Oh, we love our son, Jackson Randolph!

The best Christmas present!

Ricky enjoyed showing Jackson how to take a "selfie." HA!

Jackson loves them!
Jackie cooked a great lunch: chicken spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad.
That night, we had the Lawson Christmas!

BJ and his little girl, Eve. What a sweet little girl!

Mamaw Lawson, Jackson, and Eve.
On the 27th, we went to Russell's grandparent's house.

Love this picture of 4 Price boys!

Papaw playing peek-a-boo with J. So cute.

Jackson enjoyed the ribbon and wrapping paper.

We stayed at KK (my mom) and BA's house and KK was so excited to read this Rudolph book to Jackson. Rudolph's nose lit up while reading the book. Too fun!

KK is so proud of her baby grandboy!
We truly enjoyed our few days in South Arkansas. It was wonderful to see many family members and a few friends. If you have read this blog even for a short time, you know family is everything to me. I cannot say enough how much fun we had!
Fast forward to January 3rd.......
Whew! That was fast! ;)

I call these cookies "New Year's cookies," because I still used a few cookie cutters from the Christmas collection, but it's still Winter, so I used snowflake, snowman, and bell cutters.
My mom's family came to our house this year to celebrate Christmas! Most of the family got to come, so we were tickled about that. We had ham, macaroni special, green beans with almonds, bread, and death by chocolate for dessert. It was our family's Christmas get together, so of course we had more munchies, like crackers and dips, and olive cheese bread. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for many recipes, yet again! :)

Opening gifts!

My cousin, Parke and his sweet wife, Anna. This is their 1st Christmas as "Mr. and Mrs." :)

My uncle Mike, Aunt Dodie and Jackson!

My Aunt Molly!

Emily and her very tall boyfriend, Cable. They are so adorable together!

Just the 3 of us again! :)

Kathy (Mama) and Molly!

Kelly, Logan, and Lauren!

Lauren and I are two peas in a pod. She is so very special to me! We know how to have fun and be adventurous! It is so fun to watch her play with Jackson.
It was awesome spending time with MANY family members. My heart just bursts with JOY when I see any family member, but my heart almost overflows with JOY when I can celebrate Jesus' birth many times, not only at Christmastime, with my husband, Russell, and our son, Jackson.
Christmas may be over, but let's not ever forget that Jesus, the Messiah, LOVES and ADORES you!

So now, on January 7th, let's try to fly past any Winter blues that may come and think positive. I have really been thinking about how to kinda "revamp" this blog. Obviously still have J's pics, but add more. If you have any ideas, feel free to share. I have ideas, but y'all just share away! Again, have a wonderful 2015!

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they my see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16