Monday, January 5, 2015

JOYFUL CHRISTMAS...Jackson's 1st

Happy 2015, y'all! Of course, I am already a little behind on my blog. It's been extra busy around here. It's time for a Christmas catch up post! I will have two, so get ready! :)
On December 23rd, we packed the car from top to bottom, so we could head to South AR. Belle came with us and was a good little traveler. She even checked on Jackson in the backseat by peeking in the car seat. Too cute.
Our favorite place to stop during road trips is Cracker Barrel. Jackson likes to look around at everything in that store. He enjoyed trying on a cowboy hat.
We were so glad to get to my mom and B.A's house late that night.  

Christmas Eve was so special. Russell and I packaged our annual cinnamon rolls and delivered them to family. We saw two of my Daddy's brothers. What a treat that was. Every time I am around any of the Jordan boys, it feels as though a little piece of Daddy is there too.

I was so tickled that Daddy's twin, Jack, met Jackson for the first time! What a sweet, sweet moment. Jack is so great with babies!
Russell, Jackson, Mama and I went to the Christmas Eve service that night. Every time we have gone to church, Jackson always goes to childcare. They did not provide it this time, which was totally fine. It was Jackson's first Christmas Eve service and he did so great. I sang, "All is Well" at the end of the service. It is always the best to sing for Jesus! Especially at Christmas. All is Well is one of my favorites! We also sang many Christmas hymns and Jackson was "singing" along with us. Oh, So SWEET!

I just love them!

We were so glad to see Emily and Kim for a little bit at church. It's always fabulous to be at my home church where I grew up.
Jackie and Ricky were there too. Good to see them! They surprised us!

BA's family came after the service for dinner. My mom cooked wonderful roast and all the fixin's for it. Yummy! Here's our family Christmas Eve pic. :)

Kerrstyn, BA, Colton, Lori, and Shawn

It was time to get our cookies for Santa! Look at our little boy helping out! :)

Yes, this is picture overload, I know.

He loves Rudolph. He settled down for a long winter's nap.

Santa Claus came! Jackson's gift from Santa was a Fisher-Price house!

Looking in his stocking.

Russell was so surprised he got a GoPro!

We had the traditional Christmas breakfast.

We met Kelly, Eric, Logan and Lauren at their house. Aww, Lauren looks beautiful!

I truly tried to soak in every moment of Jackson's first Christmas. He is such a snuggle bear.

We enjoyed opening presents. Logan was OVERJOYED to get this Porche poster for his room. I love his smile!

Oh, I love this picture of my sister, Kelly, and my son. Perfection.

Hey, sweet baby!

Russell made me laugh so much when he got these Jimmy Fallon thank you notes. He loved it.

Sweet and special family picture!

The girls! And Baby J.

The cousins!

JOYFUL! Oh, my heart swells with JOY!

Goodies for dessert!

And I leave you with this sweetie looking out the window. It was time for us to put Jackson in his pj's and get ready to head back South for Christmas Part 2! :)

Christmas Day was incredibly perfect. Our precious family of three celebrated with our extended family and showed Jackson a special 1st Christmas Day.
We spent time with many other family members, so stay tuned!

But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name may be filled with joy.