Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blessings of Thanksgiving

Happy December, y'all! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I cannot believe it's December 1st!
 The first recipe I made from Pioneer Woman's new cookbook was cranberry sauce. It was so simple. Anyone can do it! I made it two days in advance and chilled the sauce in the fridge, so it had time to thicken. Plus, I wanted to get it done ahead of time. :)
We left for South Arkansas on Wednesday and decided to make a quick stop to see special friends....
 I got to see the new baby, Ezra, and the proud parents Chad and Mandy. They are such good friends of ours and we are so so happy for them!
 My "pre-Thanksgiving" lunch. What is better than Braum's? Yummy.
We were so glad to see our sweet family.
 Lauren is 11 and we are so much alike. It's so crazy. We love to have fun, of course, as y'all can tell.
 My sister, Kelly, is so talented. One of her many talents is making homemade sugar cookies with yummy icing. It is a "labor of love" for sure. Lauren was a good helper.
 Logan is growing up so much too. Love my nephew and niece lots.
 See? What did I tell you? Wonderful cookies. MMM!

 Belle and Marcie loved hanging out at KK and BA's house.
 I also made brie en croute. So easy and tasty
 Kelly made parmesan rosemary crackers which were eaten up quickly.
 I am so thankful for him!
 Colton and Logan playing basketball while waiting on the turkey.
 The final result of the cranberry sauce. I love that Pioneer Woman. :)
 Yummy food!!!
 Kerrstyn, Colton, Logan and Lauren eating Thanksgiving dinner.
 This may or may not be my plate. :)
 On to dessert! Kelly made chocolate pecan pie. Divine!
 Mama made Italian cream cake. Heavenly!
So did you do any "black Friday shopping?" I did NOT go to Walmart, Target, or any of the "super stores." But Kelly and I had a sister adventure and went to Home Depot.
 We love fresh Christmas trees, wreaths and swags. So festive! We were afraid that Home Depot would run out of greenery, but they had plenty for us. :)
 Kelly got wreaths and I got a swag and poinsettias.
We also stopped at Spudnuts doughnut shop. The best doughnuts in South AR! Our family was so glad to enjoy them.
 Mama and Lauren!
Russell and I had a great Thanksgiving on Friday night with his family. We finally got to meet sweet and happy Eve, who just turned one a few days ago! Oh, how sweet!!
The Prices and Lawson's had plenty of food and family together! It was so good!
So that's pretty much our fun time in Camden, El Dorado, and Magnolia!
So ready to now celebrate Christmas and the reason for the season!
*Side note: We are finding out our sweet baby's gender on Saturday! Just for fun, I added a little poll to the sidebar of this blog. Feel free to cast your vote! We are going to be THRILLED if it's a boy or THRILLED if it's a girl. This is strictly for fun. :)
They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. Psalm 145:7